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The Episode starts with Vaishaili smiling seeing her face in mirror. She asks Panchi to take food for Titu on the shoot, and she will come along. Bhagwati laughs. Panchi says I just spoke to Titu, he is coming home, we will go tomorrow. Pinky gets her friend Radhika’s call. Radhika asks her to come to coaching class soon, Sudheer has…. Just come soon. Pinky thinks its big problem. Panchi asks where is she going. Pinky says her friend is ill, I will just see her and come. Titu comes home and asks Panchi to come, he has imp work. Bhagwati teases Panchi. Vaishaili asks Titu about his shoot. He says he will come back and tell him.

Panchi asks about shoot. Titu says he will say and fixes the flower in her hair. She smiles and thanks him. He hugs her and thinks about the problem that happened

on shoot. She pacifies him. She hugs him and they smile. Vaishaili sees the saas bahu scene and practices. Rekha hears her and scolds her. Vaishaili says she is acting by seeing tv, and why will she kill her, does she have much property.

Rekha says you are doing more than tv bad bahus, you don’t do acting, sit with me, and plays cooking program. Pinky comes and Radhika tells that Sudheer is warning that he will do suicide. Pinky asks him to open the door. He comes out and aks her to do what he says, he is not just warning him, he will die for her. He asks everyone to stop and she says she will not marry him. He falls down by electric shock. She asks him to open eyes and asks Radhika to call doctor. Someone takes their pics.

Its morning, Surekha does puja. Panchi asks Titu to take breakfast and go fast. Titu says he is not feeling well. Panchi says he is looking fine. Govind says he is making faces to make excuses. He asks Titu to go. Rekha eats sweets. The newspaper comes and it has Pinky’s pic with Sudheer. Rekha scolds the newspaper man. She sees the paper damaged and says she will not leave that man. They all laugh.

Panchi asks Titu to go, and she will be excited to meet him in evening. Govind says he will read newspaper later. Mukund tells Vaishaili that her tv is costly, he did not get first salary, why to buy tv now. She says Rekha does not let me see my shows. He says he will get tv for her. She asks for 40 inches tv and insists. He says fine, I will get anything for you. She hugs and thanks him. He says how much this tv costs?

Rahul explains the scene to Titu. Titu recalls Panchi’s words and thinks he may forget his limits if he imagines Panchi instead Priya, he can’t take risk to break Panchi’s trust. He says he has an idea, he will take his scene high, see there. He smiles. Rekha gets samosas and thinks to hide it in papers, she will eat it later. She covers it in paper and does not see the pic.

Titu does the scene with the chair and director likes it. Panchi comes and looks on. He claps for Titu. Priya tells Panchi about Titu changing the scene and giving better shot, he is very talented. Panchi says what. Titu smiles. Govind prays and sits to read paper. They all try to find paper. Rekha has samosas in it. The paper falls down. Bhagwati says this is the one. Govind says who has done this. He gets shocked seeing Pinky’s pic.

Panchi asks Titu why did he lie to them. Titu says what can I do, the scenes were to hug Priya, I was scared that I will break your trust, so I changed the scene. She asks did you hear me and mum talking. He nods. She says now listen to me, it won’t happen that you forget your limits and break my trust, this is my trust, you also trust yourself, your thinking show how much you love me, you can’t hurt me ever, your heart is pure like a kid, so you can’t do this mistake. He asks her about romancing Priya, holding Priya’s hand. She says her trust won’t be broken even if he hugs Priya, as its his work. He smiles and hugs her, thankfully for her trust and giving him his confidence back. She says you are welcome.

Govind asks Pinky whats all this. Titu and Panchi ask her not to be scared and tell everything.

Update Credit to: Amena

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