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The Episode starts with pandit ji asking women to do Dhyan and all men to light the diyas. Panchi says lets go and Surekha asks her to get Chadava. Panchi tells Titu that she will meet him upstairs. Titu says I will die today. Chetan sneezes and Arvind says I will get medicines for you, and informs Govind. He takes Chetan. Titu gets tensed and Rekha smiles. Surekha asks Rekha to go and have water. Rekha says I m not thirsty. Surekha says fine, I m thirsty. Get water for me and sends her. She says my son can’t do this work. Titu says you know me so well. Govind asks Titu to do this ritual. Surekha says she got an idea, we will get a cart in which Titu sits and Golu will light the diyas. Titu says no, I will light the diya, as I m husband. Surekha asks Titu not to be scared and goes.


asks Titu to light diyas else he won’t take him back home. Titu says think about me. Govind says all this is for you. Arvind and Chetan come. Arvind asks Govind to come to light diyas and they leave. Titu says my respect will go today, how to light so many diyas on stairs. Rekha smiles and thinks Titu will get exposed today. Titu asks Lord to take care of his devotees. Govind lights the diyas and prays Lord to give strength to Titu and make the pariknama done by him. Surekha prays the same. The women do the dhyan.

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Chetan says where did Titu go, maybe he went before me. The pandit ji asks Chetan about Titu and asks him to start. Golu does not get any cart and sees one. Titu waits for him. Golu lies to people, and gets the cart to make Titu sit in it and take him upstairs. He thinks to buy something to eat, for Titu. Titu says Golu come soon. Rekha stops the cart and says she has leg pain, she will sit in it. She smiles thinking how will Titu come now.

Govind says don’t know Titu started coming here or not and lights more diyas with Arvind. Arvind asks Govind to be fit like him. Govind tells about his fat stomach and they laugh. Panchi prays to Lord and says she never felt she will marry Titu, and he will do this for me. Golu brings juice and biscuits. Titu says thanks, where is cart. Golu asks why is he joking. Titu says I m not joking. Golu says I have sent it. Titu says get another one. Golu says there are no free ones. Surekha sees Rekha coming in the cart and is shocked. Rekha pays the money and asks people to go. Surekha thinks how till Titu come now.

Rekha thinks everyone will wait for Titu. Titu asks Golu to think something. Titu prays to Lord to save him and help him. Bhagwati waits for Keshav at the movie hall. Mukund and Vaishaili are in auto and he promises once he mum comes, he will keep their marriage grand. Bhagwati thinks to go back home and smiles seeing Keshav. She says you came. He says I felt I should not waste money and so I came. Mukund hugs Vaishaili and compliments her. Bhagwati says the film would have started come. She croesses the road and her saree end gets stuck in his watch. They don’t see Mukund and Vaishaili.

Goving lights the diyas and reach the last stair. Rekha sees the diyas and Govind says this is Titu and Chetan’s diyas. Arvind says no, Chetans diyas are different and where is Titu. Rekha gets glad. Chetan lights all diyas and Arvind is proud of him to complete this ritual having cold. Chetan says where is Titu, I thought he left before me. Surekha and Panchi pray along with Manorama and Rachna. Chetan says Titu should have come till now. Govind thinks Panchi will know everything today. Rekha says it will be fun now.

The pandit does the puja and all the men light diyas in every corner of the temple, and come to their wives. Govind is shocked seeing diyas near Panchi. The pandit tells the women to see their husband completing the rituals and coming. Surekha and Panchi open their eyes to see. Panchi sees the diyas lit around her and is puzzled. Govind thinks is he dreaming and sees Titu there. Rekha pinches herself to realize its really happening. Surekha thanks Lord and says Titu is not looking tired. Manorama says did anyone not tell Titu about the rituals.

She says the diyas were to be lit around stairs and corners, not around Panchi. The pandit ji says yes, I told him. Manorama says he should not joke in rituals, now Panchi will have just this much diyas, and then darkness will start. Titu reminds her about Ganesh told to take world round and he has taken round around his parents. He says he has done such Parikrama and said his parents are his world. He says he has done this to light Panchi’s life, if he lit the temple, the temple would have lit, not my wife. Everyone smile. The pandit says he agrees with Titu, its not wrong and praises him to be pure heart and honest. Panchi smiles. The pandit says she is lucky to get Titu. Panchi thanks Lord for giving Titu in her life.

Govind asks Golu how did Titu come here. Golu says by stair, his mind works fast. Govind says tell me the truth.

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