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The Episode starts with Govind telling about his dream getting fulfilled by Titu making them proud. Surekha says yes, we are lucky to get such sons, and even their wives should be given credit, where are they. Pinky says they are coming. Panchi dances on the song ram ji ki kripa se………… Pinky’s lover comes there and looks on. Titu dances with Panchi.

Vaishaili comes and dances on the same song. Mukund smiles seeing her. Bhagwati dances around Keshav and the family smiles seeing the bahus dedicating the song to their husbands and dance together, looking pretty and traditional. The bahus thank their inlaws for such lovely life partner, and hug Surekha and Rekha. Pinky’s lover goes to her seeing everyone busy and stops her. He says she is very pretty and flirts with her.


says its not his mistake to fall in love with her, how can anyone stay far from her. She asks him to stop this cheap things, she is not interested in him. He holds her and gets closer, saying he loves her anger too. She says you are so stubborn, if anyone sees then, just go. He catches her and says let them see, they should know how good valued and nice son in law they will get. She asks him not to dream, she hates him. She pushes him and leaves. He holds her again and says I love you Pinky.

He says I love you a lot, I know you also love me, you are just shy, just do one thing for me, wear these bangles for me. She asks him to leave her and cries. Rekha comes there and shouts Pinky. Pinky gets shocked seeing her. Rekha asks whats happening here. The guy leaves. Rekha takes Pinky with her and scolds her in the room.

Rekha asks Pinky what was she doing with that guy, he is the same one who helped me in morning, how did you hold his hand. Pinky says trust me, its nothing like that. Rekha says I have seen this with my own eyes, why did I send you to college, you got freedom to ruin our family name, you have sent him to help me and got him at home. Pinky says there is nothing like that, he has come after me.

Rekha cries and says I m a widow, if anyone saw this, they would have blamed me for not doing your upbringing well, we are here on Govind and Surekha’s pity, you are a girl, you have to be careful, no need to go outside the home, once you lose name, you won’t clean the image, I will beat you if you meet him, I will get you married.

Its morning, Panchi tells Titu these clothes are final and says now you have become my hero. Titu smiles and hugs her. She says she feels he is with her, when his perfume is linked to her. Surekha asks Titu to work hard. Govind says now Titu has become a star, bless him. Titu says its enough mum has blessed me. Vaishaili takes Titu and wishes him all the best for his shoot, if he wants her help, he can tell her, she will come on his shoot. Pinky gives him a showpiece she made for him. He thanks Pinky and hugs Govind. Rekha wishes him all the best and he leaves. She says the perfume is nice and asks Panchi about it. They all laugh. Pinky gets the guy’s all. Panchi asks what happened. Pinky says nothing, I will just come.

Govind comes and tells Surekha that his life will go easy now, and he wants Hema’s pic. She gets angry. She challenges him and teases him. He apologizes to her. They have a sweet scene and laugh. Rahul explains Titu the scene and his romantic chemistry. Titu starts acting and is hesitant. Rahul asks Titu not to worry, and just relax. He says you might have done romance in real life. Titu does not do the scene well. Rahul asks Titu to hug her. Titu recalls Panchi’s words. Rahul says hug her well. He gets angry and asks Titu whats his problem. Titu says sorry. Priya says he is shy lover, I did not see anyone afraid like this, we will keep this shoot someday else.

Rahul explains next scene to Titu. Titu thinks if he imagines Panchi instead Priya, he can forget his limits.

Update Credit to: Amena

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