Tu Mera Hero 25th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi crying as her marriage ring is lost. Everyone look for it and does not get it. Titu pacifies her and says if she cries, kajal will get wiped. Surekha says she will give her another ring. She says Titu will make her wear the ring. They make her get engaged again and Ruhi thinks Panchi is so lucky. Titu makes Panchi war the ring and everyone shower flowers on them. They all clap. Govind asks Titu to come and asks when will he go shop. Titu asks will I leave Panchi like this and go to shop, he can’t go till her tears dry.

Govind says I will beat him a lot. Titu talks to Golu and asks him to see the shop. Ruhi comes and dries her hair near him. Titu jokes. Panchi comes and sees them laughing. She tells Titu that mum is calling, maybe she has some work. Titu leaves.

Panchi warns Ruhi and throws water on her face. She asks her to stop doing this.

She asks does she know what is she doing, is she fool to not see she is trapping her, Titu is not the guy who roamed after her, now he is her husband, stop doing this nonsense. Ruhi stops her and says she is weak hearted, her trust is weak, she does not want to accept that he does not love her. Panchi says you can go and come in anyone’s life, but a wife is forever. Ruhi says Titu will come to me himself, I m his first love, he can’t forget me. Ruhi smiles and leaves.

Surekha talks to Govind. She asks him for AC. He brings her to the window and asks her to see the cool air, which can’t compete with AC. He asks why did she ask Panchi to take care of cow. She says did I say her, she can lose. He asks what losing? She says I just said and he gets thinking. Its morning, Rekha eats samosa and says its hot. Govind asks Titu to go to shop. Ruhi comes to sit with Titu and Panchi sits with him. Titu says about shoot and stops from saying he was there. He says I know seeing shoots. Surekha serves him and he burps. Govind gets a call from shop and says I will come. He says he will not drop Titu to shop today and he should himself go. Titu says sure and dances.

Surekha laughs and blesses him. Ruhi tells Titu that she wants to go out, and she is afraid to go alone. Titu says he will drop her. Panchi asks him to go shop, and she will drop Ruhi. Titu thinks no, if Panchi goes to drop Ruhi, she will know my truth. He stops her and says its hot outside, I will drop Ruhi at her shoot and go to my shop. He leaves with Ruhi. Panchi gets sad.

Ruhi asks Titu does he still love her. Titu gets silent.

Update Credit to: Amena

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