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The Episode starts with Titu and Panchi talking to Sundar’s principal. They ask him to give admission to the kids and asks about scholarships. He says its not renewed by govt, so kids can’t get permission to study here, sorry. The boy says he wants to study well and request Titu to help them. Titu says don’t worry, you will study here and go ahead in life. Govind asks Hema who will listen to him. Hema says I know everyone listens to here, do something. Surekha thinks its good Govind’s name is not Dharmendra. Govind says no school will give admission in school after 6 months passed.

Hema says its 4th class. Bhagwati asks Sonam? Hema says about Pari, her second daughter, she is 8 years old. Bhagwati says you said … Hema says I adopted her, but I m her mother. Govind says very few

people adopt kids, you have done a great work, when you lost your husband, I respect you a lot. Hema asks him to do Pari’s admission. Titu and Panchi come home, and tell about principal refusing for kids’ admissions. Hema says even Pari is taking admission in same school. Pari comes there.

Sundar gets shocked seeing her. Hema hugs Pari and asks her to greet her neighbors. Pari greets Sundar and asks him to smile. They all laugh. Sundar runs to Bhagwati. Pari says she will help them. Titu says new MLA may not agree. Pari says you can still a chance and talks very smartly. Govind says she is right. Titu says yes. Surekha gets annoyed.

Titu and Panchi take the kids and visit the MLA. The MLA shows tantrums and does not take them seriously. Panchi says he is using our weakness. Pari asks them to find MLA’s weakness. Titu smiles and thinks. They all go to see MLA talking to his son. His son asks him to call his mum. MLA hugs his son and says even he misses her a lot, but if he cries and does not eat food, will his wife come back. The servant asks why did they come here without permission. MLA sees Titu and everyone. Titu gets inside the room and talks to the boy Sagar. He says he has seen him and his mum in his dream. MLA says this is our personal matter. Panchi says let him talk once.

Titu says he has seen a lake, and Sagar and his mum at either sides of the lake. He says his mum was sad and said my son is crying and lake water is increasing, so she is away from her son. Sagar asks if I don’t cry, I won’t be far from mum, I will never cry from today. Titu makes him have food. Pari says Titu is the best, he makes everyone smile. Pari asks MLA to help the school kids. MLA says I told you no once, he can still help them. He agrees to help them. They all smile and thank him. Sagar takes a selfie with Titu. MLA also poses with them.

Sonam does not anything cool to wear and talks to Hema. Hema asks her to manage. Dimple wakes up and they scream thinking its ghost. Dimple gets up from the clothes mess and says she has bodyache. Hema scolds her. Pinky comes to Panchi’s room and likes the new paint. Titu comes and likes the design. He lifts Panchi happily. Panchi tells about Asian paints and they take a selfie.

A man comes to Surekha Sadan and says MLA has sent him. Govind asks him to sit. Rekha says he looks out of the world. The man says he has come to become a hero, and show shis acting talent. He says MLA said Titu will make me act in big pictures. Titu asks what’s your name. The man says his name is hero. Rekha laughs and says he kept hero as name, shall I keep Mukund’s name lawyer as he wanted to become lawyer since childhood.

Titu gets MLA’s call. MLA says Hero is my friend’s son, he is super talented, you should give him one chance. My friend told me and I thought of you, I knew you won’t say no, I gave my word to my friend. Titu holds his head and says I will talk on my shooting. Panchi asks him to refuse to MLA. Hero asks about his role. Govind says its being written. They all smile.

Vaishaili says she will have pasta. MLA comes to meet them. Govind says this is my family, and we will have lunch at home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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