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The Episode starts with constable giving water to Titu. Titu says thanks, I was very thirsty. He drinks it and coughs. The constable worries that maybe it was something else in water, and goes to get help. Titu gets up and frees himself. He runs away and comes outside. He sees the place and jumps inside the van. The constable brings someone and sees Titu gone. He says where will he run, the water had sleeping medicine in it. Titu sleeps in the van. The van leaves and constable falls to see him.

Hero asks Panchi what is she saying, this can’t happen. She asks why can’t it happen, we should have a child. She asks does he feel baby will spoil your night sleep and bring tension, trust me, this won’t happen, you will be very happy with baby. She asks him to hold this kid and play with him,.

then he will say he wants a son. She says neighbor lady has left the boy here. Hero cries as the boy cries.

The van stops and Titu wakes up by the jerk. He thanks Lord that he has come out. He looks for the phone. Hero scolds the boy. Sundar says he is so small, how are you talking. The boy cries. Panchi looks on and says Titu will like the boy and want a baby. Hero sees her going and sends Sundar. He takes the boy and leaves him near the door. The boy goes to Juhi. Juhi takes him. Hero goes there and says Bablu is here, and takes him. He hugs the boy.

Hero says I was sad hearing about you, you got away from your sister, its bad to bear all this for others’ matter, I m your friend and can show you right path, I have an idea, by which you can go, give the password you know, then you can leave. She says I m looking for my dupatta, I will talk later. The kid spoils the dupatta and Hero takes him.

The constable catches Titu. Titu says how did I come back here, I have jumped in the van. He hears driver saying he has come back as items were not fully loaded in van. Hero scolds the boy and he cries. The family look on shocked. Sundar asks them to see how Titu is scolding him. Hero says no, Bablu is my friend. He says I will make him quiet and dances. Vaishaili says there is something fishy. Rekha says I know the reason, I have solution also. She throws some powder on Hero, and it falls on Govind.

Govind asks whats all this, will you let me stay here or not. Surekha asks Rekha what did she do. Rekha thinks this spirit is powerful. Keshav comes and says client could not come, we have to arrange 20 lakhs tomorrow. Govind says who will give us in one day. Panchi says Titu will give. Hero asks how. Panchi says by signing cheque. Hero thinks they will catch him, how will he sign now. Hero says its sunset now, I will sign in morning. He leaves.

Rekha tells Panchi that Titu will not sign any cheque. Panchi asks why is she saying so. Rekha says Titu is not our Titu. Panchi asks what. Rekha says I told this to Surekha too, see this happened, there is evil spirit on Titu. She says she got this book now and she will find some solution. She reads the solution and sees Panchi and Vaishaili gone. She says did the spirit make them disappear?

Govind tells Surekha that Titu is not their son now, Panchi asked him to give cheque, and Titu did not give him cheque. He says I m hardworking, I don’t want his money. Surekha says he is your Titu. He says he acted like stranger. She says you are overthinking, maybe there is some reason, we should trust him. He asks her to keep her trust, Titu will bring money if he respects me. She says everything will be fine, calm down.

Hero tries Titu’s sign and throws papers. Panchi knocks the door. Hero thinks Titu has to sign on cheque. Panchi comes and he makes excuses about his script. He leaves. She says why is he doing this and sees the papers. Rekha keeps an eye on Hero. She says no one worries, this spirit is clever and makes assumptions. She says she will tackle the spirit.

Hero is on the way to take Titu’s sign. Panchi gets the papers and sees the signs practice.

Update Credit to: Amena

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