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The Episode starts with Surekha crying and blaming herself. She asks Rekha to beat her as she has always taunted her to make Keshav handicapped. She says you just made him handicapped by body, but I have made Titu handicapped by his mind, Panchi was right, when she said that I have made my son handicapped and useless. Titu and everyone cry. Surekha says I m wrong. Govind consoles her and asks her not to curse herself. She reminds Govind that when Titu was born, she has given Titu in his hands. She says she was proud and her pride shattered today, I wish we were childless. She falls and Govind holds her. He hugs her and asks her to calm down.

Govind looks at Titu and says your mum changed, but you did not change, she changed by Panchi’s sacrifice, but you did not, Panchi’s love got waste,

you explore yourself and ask if you can meet your eyes. Titu cries. Keshav comes to Bhagwati and hugs her, seeing her cry. She says she can’t see Surekha breaking like this, no one can’t stop this, she can’t bear this if Sundar does this. Keshav consoles her. She says she has decided to send Sundar to hostel. Keshav asks her is she really wishing this, it means she is sure. She says she is sure now.

Cheeni tries to make roti and Pratibha sees Panchi sad. Cheeni gets an idea and makes a heart. She shows Panchi to make her smile. Panchi says life gets ruined by linking love and romance in everything. Titu wakes up and sees everything available for him in the home. He waks up from the dream and says everything was of my choice, my family was there and still I was not happy, what was there which my heart wanted and Panchi’s pic is shown.

Golu says he knows Titu’s heart is hurt. Golu asks what did he see in dream. Titu says I have seen all my fav things and I left I m unhappy. Golu cries and says how can anyone be annoyed with him, he made anyone laugh, don’t get sad now, everything will be fine. Govind sees Surekha sad and asks her not to worry. He asks is her heart restless. She asks is he going to shop. He says you did not see Titu’s face in morning. She cries and says she is his mum, her heart does not listen to her. She says she is guilty and Titu is everything for her. She blames herself for all this, she was proud of her son and today she is ashamed because of him. She says its stain on her upbringing.

Rekha, Mukund and Vaishaili have a talk seeing laughter show ticket. Vaishaili says we have to make this disappear. Mukund says he will send it away. Vaishaili says I will burn this. Bhagwati comes to them. Vaishaili gets shocked. They hide the stick and ticket from Bhagwati. Rekha diverts Bhagwati and sends her. The ticket sticks to tea tray and they rush to take it. Rekha gets puzzled. Surekha gets emotional seeing Titu and does not go to him. She turns away and does puja. She cries and Titu gets sad. Bhagwati looks on and cries.

Titu sees Panchi’s pic and says she is the reason for his restless, she completes him. He falls down on the road.

Update Credit to: Amena

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