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The Episode starts with Keshav telling Bhagwati that he did not get Sundar. Sundar comes home and Bhagwati asks where was he. Keshav asks how did he get hurt and who got him here. Sundar says I got hurt in school, I was crying, teacher asked me to go home, and uncle dropped me. Bhagwati scolds him for meeting stranger and not taking anything. Pinky says don’t know who was it, he left before I saw him. Keshav explains again. Sundar says I m sorry, I won’t do this again. Keshav says good boy. Bhagwati worries and thinks who is this man.

Mukund says they can’t give shop papers. Vaishaili says we will give fake papers and take money. Surekha comes there and says a letter for Mukund has come. She goes. Mukund gets blackmailer’s letter and worries. He starts getting hiccups. She says shop

papers can save us from going to jail. Golu hears this and smiles. Its night, Titu tells his plan to Surekha, Panchi and Golu.

He asks Surekha to wake up Govind when Vaishaili comes to steal papers. Panchi says this time Vaishaili’s plan will flop. Rekha wakes up and is hungry. Vaishaili and Mukund go to Govind’s room to steal the papers, and check it. Panchi says Surekha is doing such good acting of sleeping, as if she is really sleeping. Titu says why did mum not wake up. Panchi says she is really sleeping, we can’t go and wake them. Mukund and Vaishaili get the papers.

Surekha wakes up by Rekha shouting. Vaishaili and Mukund hide. Surekha asks ow is this cupboard open. Govind wakes up and goes to see. Rekha has all the flour on her, and says she has seen Cheeni here, I was so afraid. Panchi thinks her plan will flop. Titu signs Golu to cry. Cheeni hides. Golu asks did she see Cheeni. Rekha says yes. He asks where did she see her, and gets shocked seeing Cheeni. Rekha says she is sure. No one believes her. Rekha and elders go. Cheeni apologizes to Titu, and says she was hungry. Surekha says sorry, I got asleep.

Vaishaili and Mukund fail to get the papers, and he asks her to be calm. They get a CD and he says someone kept it. They get a warning again and hold heads. Panchi gets food for Cheeni in the room. Titu says they will be shocked by CD, and counts that Vaishaili will come. Vaishaili and Mukund come to them, and say that they have thought a lot and want to help Titu, as he is very talented. She says Titu should become comedy king, it will raise our family respect, I was thinking to help. Surekha says she will give her money, and all the property, but Vaishaili has returned everything and told Govind, now I don’t want to get insulted infront of Govind. She apologizes to Surekha and acts sweet.

Surekha says no need, Titu will stay here and run shop. Vaishaili says Mukund explained me, that its Titu’s first dream and we should fulfill it. She asks Panchi to explain Surekha. Vaishaili thinks if Surekha does not agree, then jail will be sure place. Mukund apologizes to Titu and acts sweet, asking him to go Mumbai and make his dream fulfilled. Titu says he will not go, leave all this. Vaishaili says no, you will be sad here, we are one family. She asks Surekha to think once again. Surekha says fine, I will give you one last chance, you convince Govind tomorrow. Mukun asks for 2 lakhs. Titu says take it tomorrow after the sign, is he in hurry, does he have to give anyone. Mukund says no, its fine. He leaves with Vaishaili. Panchi and everyone laugh and are happy. They all hug.

Titu gets a gift from Panchi and she makes him wear the shirt she made for him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. 1st but what happened to surekha

    1. Oh okay read after and now understood

  2. Tu mera hero,manmarziyan and badtameez dil are my favorite shows…Love them..:-)

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