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The Episode starts with Titu waking up by the crackers and running around. Govind holds Surekha. Manorama hears the sound and thinks whats happening. Surekha hugs Titu. Titu asks why did they burn crackers. Golu says they did this to make him awake. Titu says what if I got hurt, does anyone do this with own son. Govind asks can anyone do this with his own parents, and this crackers were not harmful. He shows the fire extinguisher and asks him to get ready, reach temple. Surekha asks Titu is he fine and cries. Titu says yes, and she sends him to have a bath.

Manorama walks there and Arvind asks him to come for the puja. Surekha goes and sees the hot water in bucket. She thinks Manorama has kept the bucket and tried to serve her son, Chetan forgive me, I will use this for Titu. She calls Golu

and asks him to take the bucket. Chetan goes to have bath while he has much cold. He does not get hot water and sees its very cold. He says mum told its hot, and sneezes.

He says now I don’t have time to heat water. Mukund calls his friends to make them witness and gets the registrar to marry Vaishaili. She hugs him. He says we can’t marry without one month notice and we can do registered marriage. She thinks he does not know I registered marriage one month before. He brings the garlands and make her wear it. He says his mum wanted to see the marriage, I will take her on video calling. He calls Golu and asks for Rekha. Golu gives Rekha the phone.

She gets glad and talks to her. Mukund says he is marrying and will show on video. He says see the video and she checks going far. She sees her own pic and says its me in this. He laughs and says you click the video button. She does not see anything, and he guides her. Surekha calls Golu. Golu says he has work and takes the phone from her.

Mukund says it got cut and says we will start this. Rekha says she could not see the marriage, but she will see Titu. Mukund makes Vaishaili wear the mangalsutra and fills her maang. She gets emotional and he asks her to smile. They all congratulate them. The couple sign on the register. Their friends sign as witnesses. Mukund says congrats and Vaishaili says the same. He hugs her and pose for pics.

Arvind asks Manorama why is she restless. She says will puja happen or not. Panchi comes and says Rachna is coming with Chetan, and even Titu is coming. Govind and Surekha greet them. Surekha praises Panchi. Manorama asks her where is her son. Surekha asks her about her son. Titu comes with Golu. Rekha thinks how did Titu come, is this his lokalike. Panchi smiles and compliments Titu, even he signs and compliments her.

Chetan comes and says his mum did not keep hot water. Manorama says how is this possible. He says Rachna saved me and time. They all leave and reach the temple. The pandit tells them the rituals and history of the temple. Titu jokes and Manorama says I did not see him do anything than cracking jokes. Chetan sneezes and Surekha says I did not see your son doing anything else than sneezing. She tells about getting Titu and her mannat to bring her son and bahu here.

The pandit says its different puja for the husband and wife, and its for their long age and happiness. He says the husband has to light diyas on stairs to bring light in his wife’s life. Govind says lets start then, their marriage can get a good start. They see less stairs and Govind thinks Titu can do this. Titu says its easy, few stairs. The pandit says its not this temple, its different, come with me. They see the huge temple and hundreds of stairs, and are shocked.

Govind and Surekha look at each other. Titu asks this temple, and just this much stairs. The pandit says its first sight, its 250 stairs. Titu is shocked. Rekha thanks Lord and smiles.

Surekha and all ladies pray, while Govind lights the diyas and looks for Titu. He thinks Panchi will get to know everything today.

Update Credit to: Amena

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