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The Episode starts with Titu taking Panchi along for the meeting. He thinks there is a reason to get here here. Pinky meets her friends and tells about the guy who came to her house, she was scared. A boy gives her bangles and says it for you, he has told me to give this to you. Pinky gets shocked seeing the guy. Titu meets the actress and director and greets them. He introduces his wife Panchi. Pinky says she will go home and that guy stops her. She gets tensed. Titu and Panchi are also there and do not see Pinky. Pinky asks the guy to get away. She scolds him. He flirts with him.

Rahul asks Titu to be friendly with Priya, so that their onscreen chemistry and comfort gets awesome. Titu holds Panchi’s hand. Priya jokes that Panchi held his hand as if I will run away with Titu. Titu asks

when will they start shoot. Rahul says I will tell you once I talk to producer. The guy holds Pinky’s hand and says every love starts with hatred, I know how to turn your anger into love. Titu asks Panchi what happened. Panchi says I will tell after we reach home. Pinky asks the guy not to follow her.

Titu and Panchi leave. Pinky tells the guy that her three brothers and mum will beat him. She leaves. Panchi and Titu come home. She scolds him for taking her in meeting and showing as if she is doubting wife who controls her husband a lot. She scolds him.

She says like Priya has seen her, she will think you breath by my permission. She slips and he holds her. Music plays….. Titu flirts with her and says if I make such pose with heroine, won’t you feel bad. He reminds her that she is a woman. She says I will feel bad, but I know Titu will not break Panchi’s trust. She hugs him and they smile.

Vaishaili asks Mukund why is he restless, he always gives interviews and nothing happens. He says I m your husband, I won a case, I will get the call. He gets a call and smiles. He says fine if you insist, iw ill join tomorrow. He tells Vaishaili that he got the job on his asked salary. She says we will party now. He asks her to leave the job, he will fulfill all her dreams. Vaishaili gives her resignation to her boss and says she felt glad working with them. He says its not good to leave a good job to become a heroine, all the best for your future. She says thanks.

Rekha says the chaat man makes such good chaat, and goes to have. A lady asks her to have some control, as she us getting fat. Rekha answers her well and falls down by some guy’s rough driving. She curses the guy. Pinky’s lover comes to help her. She says she has got hurt. He says I will help you, come. She blesses him and says you got good values.

Panchi and everyone talk at home. Panchi tells her plan to Vaishaili and Bhagwati, and they smile. Bhagwati says I can’t do this. Vaishaili says bring her out of old times. Panchi teases Bhagwati and laughs. Panchi says we have to do rehearsals. Vaishaili asks Pinky to start at the door. Pinky gets shocked seeing that guy. Rekha says a cycle man has struck me and everyone care for her. Surekha asks about the chaat. Rekha eats the chaat. The guy smiles seeing Pinky. Rekha asks Pinky to take the items from the guy.

The guy holds Pinky’s hand and says your mum is so sweet to me, you know I can do anything, I can give money to any cycle man to hurt Rekha. She is stunned. Mukund comes and he leaves her hand. Mukund says its success party of Ashish Agarwal. The guy says he has heard about him when he was studying. He says he will come in function, as Rekha invites him. He leaves. Pinky gets tensed and wishes the guy does not come in evening.

The function starts in evening, and everyone is happy and praise Titu. Sundar and his friend ask for Titu’s autograph. Surekha asks about her bahus. Govind thanks the guests for coming to bless Titu and encourage him. He says I would like to say about my three sons and gets emotional. Titu holds him and says I will say what dad wants to say. He says my dad has three sons, and totally mischievous, but times changed and made my dad proud. Govind says he said right and they all smile.

Surekha asks where are my three bahus. Pinky says they are coming and want to do something special. Govind asks what is that.

Update Credit to: Amena

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