Tu Mera Hero 24th April 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 24th April 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Chetan asking Rachna to get ready and she refuses. Manorama comes and fills his ears about Rachna’s dreams and wishes, asking him to sign on the legal docs. He signs being annoyed with Rachna and she smiles. Titu tells Panchi that the time has come and makes her wear the anklet. Ruhi comes and he goes to her with the anklet. He makes Ruhi wear the anklet and holds her hand, and asks Panchi to remember that Ruhi is her first love. He says love happens once and so Ruhi has the right on my love and heart. Ruhi hugs him. Panchi wakes up from sleep and says no. She says everyone say morning dreams come true, I don’t believe this.

Titu gets a call and does not wake up. He gets disturbed and says whose call is it. He answers the call. Panchi talks to Rachna and says about

her dream. Rachna says Ruhi will leave after the shoot, don’t worry. Panchi thinks where did Titu go. She says thank Lord that he woke up before alarm rung. Surekha asks Panchi to feed the cow and Panchi gets tensed. Surekha says now she will see. Panchi asks cow to eat and falls on cow dung. Rekha and Vaishaili smile. Titu comes with Ruhi. Ruhi laughs on Panchi and Panchi is stunned seeing her.

The man bribes Chetan and Chetan refuses. Manorama takes it and thanks him. Titu says she is Panchi and my friend, she came here to stay. Rekha asks her name. Ruhi says Ruhi. Surekha says I think I heard her name. Ruhi says she did not get good place to stay and I called Panchi, she did not take my call and then I called Titu, he got me home. Panchi thinks will her dream come true and worries.

Surekha asks Titu is this that Ruhi. He says yes. She says then she can’t stay here. He says its all over now, don’t think anything, she can’t stay anywhere if I m here, she will go in some days, she is friend. She says fine, but I don’t feel this right. Govind comes and scolds Titu. Manorama is glad taking the money and hides it. Chetan asks why did she take that box from that man, its not sweets, but bribe. She says but if you don’t earn well, Rachna will leave him. She puts everything on Rachna and says she is comparing you with lazy Titu.

Panchi slips and says the day is bad. She sees Titu. Ruhi comes and sits with Titu. Panchi gets worried. Surekha also sees them together. She sits with Titu and makes Ruhi get up. Panchi says thanks. Ruhi says she came for shoot for Mahabharat. Rekha says heroine, even I used to act in Ramleela and people used to praise me and take my autograph. Panchi says she lost the ring.

Panchi sees Titu and Ruhi having a laugh and sends Titu. She warns Ruhi to be away from Titu. Ruhi says Titu will himself come to her and Panchi worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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