Tu Mera Hero 23rd September 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha saying she is just here for Rekha’s sake, and does not care for Govind. Govind asks Panchi about Surekha. He asks will she not come. Panchi asks is he missing her. He asks why will I? I was just asking, tell the guests to have food and go home. Titu and Panchi smile. Hema and her family comes in the function and greet everyone. Vaishaili gets angry and holds Mukund. Bhagwati greets Dimple and compliments her saree. Hema asks Govind about Surekha. Govind asks Panchi to call Surekha, or tell them if Surekha is not coming.

Titu welcomes everyone in the 40th wedding anniversary of his parents and tells about their love and trust. He says we will begin this evening by a game. Everyone clap. Panchi says this is a love test which will show their trust. Titu says

Govind will be blindfolded and he will have to find his true love. Mukund blindfolds Govind. Govind asks whats happening, open this. Titu says let it be, you are on cable tv now, everyone is seeing you, you can do it. Hema also stands in the line with other ladies. Vaishaili asks Rekha about Surekha. Govind goes to find Surekha. Hema laughs as he comes to her. Everyone wish Govind succeeds.

Govind comes to Surekha and senses her, recalling her words, while she stands in ghunghat. He holds her hand, and everyone wonder who is the lady and think Govind failed. The man asks Govind who is she. Govind removes the cloth and sees her. Surekha lifts the ghunghat and they all get happy. They all clap for them. Govind acts filmy and sings tujhe dekha to ye……………Titu tells Panchi this is our song.

Panchi says its suiting them too. Govind hugs Surekha and says they always stay together, as they united by the souls, that’s called love. They all clap for them. Govind and Surekha exchange garlands. Titu and Panchi hug them. Rekha wishes them happy anniversary. Surekha asks Rekha to have food now. Rekha says yes, I will tell you, we all have planned this to unite you and Govind. Titu and Panchi sign everyone. They ask what plan. Rekha says it was my plan. They all ask Rekha to dance. Rekha dances and everyone dance with her.

Its morning, Titu likes the gift and talks to Panchi. He asks why this gift. She says its 6 months of their marriage. He says he also remembered them. She makes him wear the shirt and he likes it. She asks did he not like it, she has seen his expression in mirror. He says its nice. She says he should know to say no. He says he fears that he will hurt her heart. She says you are very sweet, but you should learn this, else it can be problem. He says fine, no. she gets the other shirt for him. They smile and hug. Sundar walks to him and few boys stop him asking for money. Sundar asks them to move and see a beautiful girl. The girl gets angry as Sundar ignores her. Panchi is excited and talks to Pinky about Asian paints. Titu comes home and Panchi hides the colors, and renovation idea. Bhagwati says Sundar did not come till now. Sundar comes home and tells Bhagwati that bad boys stopped his way. She says fine. Titu talks to Sundar. Sundar asks Titu to stop those boys. Titu hugs him and asks him not to cry.

Titu, Panchi and Sundar meet the principal and get to know that kids won’t get admission. Titu tells the kid that he will study in Sundar’s school.

Update Credit to: Amena

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