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The Episode starts with Gulshan asking Titu to say about the gifts, else he does not know what can Hero do with his family. Titu worries and asks Hero to listen. He says sarees and tells colors for everyone. Hero laughs and asks sarees? You are really Krishnan Kanhaiyya. Titu asks how is Panchi, and asks him to give his message. Hero asks what, that you are there. Titu says no, just tell her that what she said to me turned true. He recalls Panchi saying she will make new Titu.

Hero asks what do you mean, will you make them beat me. Titu says no, its just a lovely statement. Hero says fine, I will try. Titu smiles and says Panchi is very intelligent, just understand this sign. Panchi walks at home. Titu writes Panchi’s name on the floor and smiles. He prays to Lord that he gets his family

back. Hero laughs saying sarees…. That’s all.

Panchi comes to the room and sees him. She asks why is he stammering, what is he hiding. He says nothing, tell me what did Juhi say. She says fine, I will tell, but will I get my gift. He says yes, tell me. She asks him to say well. She tells him what Juhi said. She asks him to gift her and smiles. She gets close to him and he away. She holds his face and moves back sensing something. She says she is feeling strange, as something is wrong, maybe I m not well. Hero says fine, you take rest.

He worries and thinks of Titu’s words. He tells Panchi about what she said, on their first meeting anniversary day, it turned true. She asks what turned true, what did I tell Titu, why is Titu saying this now, why did I feel strange touching Titu. Hero gets the sarees for everyone. Surekha asks Rekha did Titu get right colors or not. Rekha says saree is nice, color is right. Hero says I knew, I had fun in troubling you. He thinks Rekha would have been after him, if Titu did not help, now he has to convince Juhi. Juhi goes to her room and cries.

She says Panchi sad right, person should be lucky to get family. She sees her sister on videocall. Her sister says you have send me chocolates, cake and flowers on my birthday, you are best sister, I m happy. Hero comes there and smiles. Juhi asks did he do this. He winks. Juhi gets friendly with him, he has done a lot, this matters to her. He says this is from our family side, to say we all are with her. She thanks him and they become friends.

Panchi talks to Govind at his shop. A small baby comes to her and holds her dupatta. Govind plays with the boy. Panchi thinks dad is liking the boy so much. Keshav says about some order and he wants money. A man tells about the son, and happiness he has got after becoming a father. Hero is glad that Juhi became his friend so easily. Rekha sees Hero dancing along and thinks whats happening. She prays for Titu. Hero sees her and she goes.

She tells Surekha about some spirit on Titu. Hero hears them and says I felt Rekha will do some acting. Surekha asks him to come. Hero asks Surekha to go and make Govind’s tiffin. Surekha asks why is he joking. Hero scares Rekha as she asks him to let him do. He scares her by strange voice of spirit and asks her not to tell anyone. She runs and he laughs. Gulshan adds some medicines and says Titu will sleep having this water. Rekha does some magic to send spirit away and asks Bhagwati to see Titu. Bhagwati asks what happened. Rekha hides behind Bhagwati. Rekha signs her to see Titu. Bhagwati says he is Titu.

The constable gives water to Titu. Titu thanks him and says he was very thirsty. He starts coughing and constable worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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