Tu Mera Hero 23rd June 2015 Written Episode Update

Tu Mera Hero 23rd June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Vaishaili telling Mukund and Rekha that she has called Gulgule and did not make anyone know his talent. She says he is very talented. Bhagwati tells Keshav that she did not know Titu is such useless guy, it has shaken up Govind. Keshav says yes, he looked old today for the first time. Bhagwati says he has got Panchi home and promised her parents with pride, today his promise broke.

Rekha says will Panchi go away from Titu’s life, I did not wish this, I just wanted to make Titu lazy and get rights for my children, I did not wish all this to happen, if any son hurts his parents like this, no one can bear. Bhagwati says its easy for children to hurt parents, why don’t they understand children are parents’ pride. She says if we see this day with our child, then I will

die that moment. Sundar hears this and cries. Vaishaili asks Mukund to think about Rajni. Vaishaili thinks how to get the stick from Rajni, Titu will go to take the stick from her.

Rachna tells Pratibha that she will show Manorama that Titu is not useless, Panchi has made him hardworking. They make laddoos to send to Panchi. Kamlesh brings Panchi and Cheeni home. Pratibha asks what happened. Vaishaili says we will go and bring the stick. Rajni comes home and asks for Titu, she has come to meet him. Pratibha hugs Panchi and asks her what happened. Panchi says she has lost. Rajni says she was getting late so came here. Vaishaili thinks to send her from here and smiles. She says no one is there at home, we were also going out, I m sorry, we can’t welcome. Rajni asks did Titu go to do his work, I want to meet Titu and his wife, I want to give the stick to him.

Vaishaili says give it to me. Rajni does not give. Mukund says its ok. Rajni says you are his brother and bhabhi, I can trust you, can you give me Titu’s number. Mukund thinks to give wrong number and says some random one. Rajni thanks her. Vaishaili says we will go now. Rajni gives the stick to her and says Eshaan has given this laugher show pass too, ask Titu to come Mumbai, his life will start there and he will reach heights.

Panchi tells Pratibha that Titu does not have any talent. She says he is liar and lazy. Rajni says its many people’s dream to get this stick, even mine, but I understood Titu deserves it, he is genius. Panchi says Titu is still Nikhatti. Golu sees Titu staring at the tshirt Panchi made and getting sad. He asks Titu why did he not tell Panchi that he has earned it, and Gulgule is the thief and took money too. Titu says I don’t know, its not about 15000rs, I have hurt everyone’s hope. He gets sad and says he will go shop and work hard, I know I can’t do this, I have hurt everyone a lot and broke their trust.

Surekha sits sad and Govind angrily gets his stick by which he used to beat Titu. He says Titu would have been something else if she used this. She recalls how she always spoiled Titu and did not make him study or do any work. She fulfilled all his wishes. Govind comes and says Titu ahs given wrong answers in his exam. Surekha laughs and hides the stick. She hugs Titu. He says she is blind in his love and she has spoiled him. Govind blames her and she starts beating her hand in the temple. Titu stops her and asks what is she doing. Surekha says its not her mistake, its her mistake as she has ruined his future. She says she is not a good mum. Everyone get sad. She says she has lost today, not Titu.

Titu wakes up and says everything is of my choice and I have loved ones here, what does my heart want.

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  1. shabbu

    Im feeling so sad but titu… Idiot vaishali… She is really irritating… Hope truth comes out soon…

    Har ek serial mei ko i na koi villan aaahi jata hai.. Rekha ki kya kami thi , ki ye vaishali idiot bhi aapadi… Stupid vaishali.. Hate her to the core…

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