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The Episode starts with Cheeni eating food. Titu says its good Surekha is not at home, so we got you here. Panchi asks how did they do this. Golu tells how they have sat behind the tree, then he has seen Mukund’s car coming. They have put some drums to stop the car, and then he has made the car run down, acted like the car has hit Cheeni. Panchi says Vaishaili is very smart, did she not doubt. Cheeni says no, I stopped my breath for a second. They clap for Cheeni. Golu says Cheeni is great help. Cheeni thanks him and says she is very happy that no one doubts that she is alive.

Titu says Mukund’s hiccups were showing how scared was he. Panchi says we have to use this, they will go and take Govind’s sign. They laugh. Golu says stage 2 begins. Bhagwati is teaching Sundar and he gets a chocolate

in his bag. Keshav says maybe Titu kept it. Sundar says but dad said I should not take anything from anyone, I will return. Keshav asks him to take anything with love from family, and not from stranger. Sundar promises and says he will eat this chocolate. He leaves.

Bhagwati stops Keshav and takes chocolate from his pocket, asking did Titu give him too. He smiles and leaves. She says he has taught Sundar in very good way, thanks to you and Lord for returning a father to Sundar. Kamlesh tells Panchi that he has made his team find Cheeni, and he will beat the culprits. Mukund and Vaishaili worry. Golu does overacting. Titu and Panchi smile. Rekha says Cheeni will be found. Surekha asks Rekha to bring Cheeni. Rekha says Lord will bring her. Mukund gets hiccups. Rekha asks what happened to you, who is remembering you. Panchi goes and switches off the lights. Titu says he has seen someone. Panchi switches on the lights.

Surekha signs Titu and smiles. Golu cries. Mukund and Vaishaili see the accient pic stuck to Titu’s back and get shocked. Vaishaili says we have to take it. Titu asks Golu not to worry, as Kamlesh will find the kidnapper.

Mukund and Vaishaili make reason and try to take the pic. Panchi comes and Titu holds her. They have an eyelock. Vaishaili takes the pic and hides. Titu asks Mukund what happened. Mukund says nothing and leaves. Titu says now they will do as we say.

Mukund and Vaishaili see pic and think someone switched off lights to give this pic, how will we get safe. They read Mukund and Vaishaili will be blamed for Cheeni’s death. Titu, Panchi and Surekha look on. Vaishaili reads they have to arrange 2 lakhs.

Mukund asks Rekha to give some money. She gives change. He says he needs more money. She says she will get her treasure, and shows him a box. She says she made her small bank and shows 500rs. He asks whats this, I want 2 lakhs. Rekha faints. Mukund gets hiccups again. Vaishaili gets tensed and says what will we do now, I refused jewelry yesterday, I can’t ask her, we have to take loan from outside. Surekha says now Vaishaili will come to ask money. Panchi says no, she refused to take keys yesterday, she will not ask money.

Titu says he has to go to shop, else dad will doubt on him. He sees Mukund and Vaishaili and start acting. He asks Golu not to cry, as culprits will soon be caught by police. Bhagwati looks for Sundar at his school and asks a teacher. The teacher says Sundar got hurt, so we have sent him home. Bhagwati asks did she send him alone. The teacher says his uncle was with him. Bhagwati says no one brought him home. The teacher says the man used to meet him regularly, so we thought its his uncle. Bhagwati says you should have called me or my husband, how can you send him with anyone. She calls Keshav and tells him everything. Keshav says don’t worry, reach home, I will come. Vaishaili and Mukund come to money lender. They ask for loan of 2 lakhs. The man says they are Govind’s relatives and he can’t refuse them, he wants some security. Vaishaili says she has some jewelry, its not worth 2 lakhs. The man saks for any land papers. Titu and Panchi look on and smile.

Panchi, Titu and Golu keep an eye. Vaishaili and Mukund go to steal land papers from Govind’s room. Rekha shouts and they get tensed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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