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The Episode starts with Titu falling asleep. Golu says now Titu can’t get up. Everyone wake up in morning. Panchi sees Titu missing and thinks he went to get ready. She wishes good morning to Rachna. Surekha pulls Manorama’s leg for snoring. Rekha comes and says she is feeling very restless and wants to talk to Mukund. Govind wakes up and asks Surekha where is Titu. They don’t see him on his bed. Chetan says he has habit to get up early, he feels fresh. Surekha says where did Titu go. Govind says he might be getting ready, he did not get sleep at night.

Panchi greets them and smiles. Chetan says he has to do imp mails, he will go out and come. Govind and Surekha see Titu sleeping and asks Golu how did Titu sleep. Govind says the tablet also did not affect him. Golu says Titu was awake

for three hours. Govind scolds him. Panchi says she will go and ask Titu does he need anything. He asks Golu to get a bucket of water and sends him. Golu gets late and Govind goes to see him.

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Panchi sees Titu sleeping and sees no one around. She smiles and stares Titu sitting by his side. She holds his hand and Surekha stops her. She says I will wake him up, go and get ready. She says its imp to trap husband in beauty and sends her. Panchi smiles and leaves. Govind and Golu get water. Surekha puts little water and he does not get up. Govind puts the bucket and Titu still sleeps. Rekha comes and asks what happened.

She says he is still sleeping. Surekha says I know, why are you asking if we all are seeing the same. Rekha thinks to make Titu sleep more. She thinks to make Panchi see him and sings a bhajan. Surekha saks her to go to temple. Rekha leaves. Bhagwati talks to Keshav as she wants to spend time with him, she has many little dreams to go out with him on movie, dinner, icecream date.

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She says all my dreams are just new. Keshav says if your nonsense is over, shall I go for work. She reminds him their marriage and says she used to be afraid of him thinking he is rude, but spending time with him, she has seen his goodness. She says we did not get time to spend now, can’t we be together. He says he is busy. She says I will wait for movie at 10pm.

Rekha talks to Manorama and she goes to get her wallet. Surekha says she has kept everything in bathroom. Govind says how to wake up Titu. Surekha says its 6.30am now, just 30mins left. She beats the bucket and makes sound to wake up Titu. Manorama comes there and sees this. Surekha says my son won’t wake up till I get warm hotel and gives excuses. Manorama thinks no one gave us warm water service and leaves.

Golu tells an idea to make Titu get up and run, and tells about bull running towards him, which made Titu run. Govind gets an idea. Manorama brings hot water for Chetan and says she is also a good mother and goes to get her purse. Govind says it means Titu will wake up only if there is a problem. He asks them to see and shows firecrackers. He says now he will wake up. He lights it up and Surekha blows it off. She asks how can he hurt their son. He says I m not hurting him, nothing will happen, its just sound crackers. He makes her turn and blows the crackers. Surekha calls Titu. Titu wakes up and is shocked.

Titu tells Golu that’s its easy, just few stairs. The panhdit ji says no, this is the one and shows temple with numerous stairs. Titu gets lazy again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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