Tu Mera Hero 23rd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi getting inside the vanity van and meeting Ruhi. She says she married Titu. Ruhi says I knew you liked him. Panchi asks about Kapil. Ruhi says actually, destiny did not want to be together. She says we decided to part ways, you tell me, give me a party and I will meet Titu too. Panchi gets Govind’s call and says you got the cow, fine I will come. She says my inlaws are strict, we will meet somewhere out. Ruhi says fine.

Panchi gets worried and leaves. She thinks she lied as she can’t make Ruhi meet family, this can hurt Titu too. Titu entertains people by his fun talk. Ruhi comes there for her scene. Titu lies down and the scene starts. Titu sees her and is shocked. The scene happens well and everyone clap. Titu says Ruhi and she asks how do you know my name.

He removes his beard and says Titu. Ruhi says Titu and hugs him.

Manorama talks to Arvind and he asks why is she doing this. She says the tough task is to go against husband and make him prosper. She says she should bear some annoyance for his sake. Rachna hears this. Arvind asks Manorama to forgive him and leaves. Manorama sings Samajne wale samaj gaye…… and smiles seeing Rachna. Titu sees Ruhi and smiles. They ask how did they come here and smile.

He says my fate got me here, that too when I was running away. She smiles and says she came for auditions. She asks about his marriage, he did not tell her. He asks how do you know. She says I left spies after you, Panchi met me outside. He thinks its good Panchi did not see me here. He requests her not to tell anything to her. Ruhi says fine and asks about his married life. He says great, Panchi is sweet, she is perfect friend. Ruhi thinks it means he is not happy with her. He asks about her love Dilip. She says we are not together now. He asks what, you would have told me, I would have married you. He leaves. Ruhi thinks Titu still loves her.

Vaishaili shows the cow milk and Rekha blesses her. Surekha comes and asks her to show Panchi. Surekha asks when will Panchi give this good news. Surekha says she is afraid of cow, why are you forcing. Surekha says I did not force, I asked her. Panchi says yes. Titu comes home dancing and Govind asks whats the matter. Titu shows the envelop. Govind says he will not accept his resignation, its his shop. Titu says no, its earnings, my first one. They all are shocked.

Govind says come here. Titu asks him to have it. Govind is stunned seeing much money. Titu says one month earning in one day. Panchi thanks Lord. Surekha says my son did it. Panchi tells Titu that she will make his fav dishes today. Titu thanks her. Surekha thinks she is happy for Titu, but his happiness is at home. Govind counts money and says 8000rs. Mukund coughs. Govind says great. Titu dances. Govind says how did you get so much in one day.

Golu says Titu did great, and shows the lists as items are ending. Govind sees it and says how did you sell so much money, then why is earnings less. Golu says half is given free. Rekha says see Surekha. Titu says this is my planning, buy one get one free. Mukund smiles.

Govind scolds him and says get 20000rs now to repay for this. Surkeha defends Titu. Govind scolds them and says he has to earn well and get money the right way. He leaves. Vaishaili serves milk to everyone. Surekha asks Panchi when will she get the milk from the cow. Panchi thinks if Titu can work at shop and earn, how can she leave this challenge. She says she will do her best to manage the cow and do this work.

Manorama comes to Rachna and asks her to ask for costly gifts from Chetan and fills her ears. Titu talks to Panchi and tells about his day. She says about the cow running and how Govind and she went on the shooting sets to find the cow, and then she bumped into Ruhi. She stops saying. He gets sad. Panchi changes the topic and says she should change the rui/cotton of the cushions. She thinks its good she did not tell him. Titu says yes, change it and gets sad. He thinks his acting thing should not come out, else Panchi will be hurt.

Titu makes Panchi wear the anklet and she smiles. Ruhi comes to meet him and he makes her wear the anklet and tells Panchi not to forget that Ruhi is his first love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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