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The Episode starts with Panchi saying we can’t blame each other, we have to unite Surekha and Govind, else we will lose family name. Rekha hears them and says what to do, it was first time to celebrate the anniversary and this happened, Surekha has loved me as her sister, I shall convince her, I want some idea. Keshav asks what shall we do now. Rekha goes. Sonam comes there looking for Titu. Panchi says her Sautam has come and asks Titu to go. Sonam and Dimple show their clothes for the party. Vaishali asks did they come to ask about sarees matching. Mukund asks Vaishali not to be rude.

Sonam says if clothes are matching and Titu does some naughty mischief, then it will be bad. Panchi says don’t worry, our clothes are not of this color, Titu will not do any mischief. Hema comes and says

she has to show saree to Surekha, where is she. Rekha says this color will not suit you. Hema says where are Govind and Surekha. Mukund says Titu, we should keep Hema and Govind away. Titu says they are resting, I will tell about the saree color. Hema says fine, let them rest, I recall my marriage seeing all this, it was my Swayamvar, even Govind came there but he lost. Sonam’s dad truly loved me.

Rekha says thanks for coming, you are good neighbor. She asks her to come tomorrow. Hema says yes, we will come. She says we will leave now. Rekha says now it will be fun and tells her idea to everyone. She laughs and says Hema has given idea herself. Titu asks what did she say. Rekha says whats our biggest problem, it will be fun tomorrow, Surekha and Govind will be happy, just bring Govind in function. Vaishaili says they can’t trust her idea. Bhagwati asks the idea. Rekha tells the idea and they all become glad. They all laugh and clap for Rekha.

Panchi asks no one to taunt Rekha and they cheer for Rekha. Rekha says go and convince Govind. Panchi, Bhagwati and Vaishaili go to convince Govind. Rekha starts crying. Titu asks her to cry aloud. Rekha screams. Surekha comes and asks what happened. Rekha says she has announced that she will dance on one leg for her anniversary, and I said if Surekha and Govind don’t celebrate birthday, I will stay hungry for 10 days. Vaishaili, Panchi and Bhagwati ask Govind to come in function. Surekha says stop crying, we will celebrate the function.

Bhagwati asks Govind not to make Surekha’s doubt firm. He says he will come to prove he does not love Hema. Surekha says she won’t come. Mukund asks Surekha to agree, as Rekha can’t be hungry. Surekha says fine, I will come. They all smile. Vaishaili says its special treatment for marriage anniversary. She asks for a gift and gets angry on him when he names Dimple on anklet’s sound. Mukund convinces her saying he loves her. Panchi takes Titu’s class dressed as lady Gabbar and scares him. Titu and Panchi laugh. She says she is filmi and planned something special for him to add magic in their love, it’s a surprise. He asks what is it. She asks him to wait. Surekha and Govind are annoyed and she waits for him to wish her. He goes to sleep.

Titu and Panchi welcome the guests. The man tells Titu that they will start telecast in some time and asks about his parents. Govind says he has come and greets the guests. Panchi wishes Surekha and Govind’s love test passes, else they will lose the name. Rekha waits for Surekha.

Titu says we will play a game, Govind has to find the one whom he truly loves. Govind is blindfolded and tries finding Surekha.

Update Credit to: Amena

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