Tu Mera Hero 22nd June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Titu and Panchi crying while hugging. Cheeni coughs. Titu says Panchi has applied sindoor to his jacket. He gives rs 15000 to Kamlesh and asks him to leave Panchi by taking the bail amount. Panchi smiles and asks Titu how did she get the money. Titu says he will make her meet someone once they go home. He asks about her wound. She says she slipped of stairs. Kamlesh says now she is free to go, she has to attend court some day. He says like Panchi promised Cheeni, she is also bailed. Cheeni thanks Panchi. Titu asks Panchi to come and holds her hand.

Titu brings Panchi home and Surekha does the grah pravesh. Govind asks Surekha to hurry up. Vaishaili thinks happiness will come, but not stay long. Surekha says last time Govind has done grah pravesh and today she is doing,

she respects her as bahu and a woman too. She does grah pravesh and welcomes Panchi. Panchi says she will not enter the house. Titu asks why not, come. Rekha says its basmati rice in kalash.

Panchi says she has a condition. Titu says he accepts all conditions. Panchi asks him to say how did he earn money, she can’t wait, she is excited to know, what work he did happily and earned money. Titu thinks he also waited to tell her, she will have pride in her eyes to know that he worked in Kavi Sammelan and also say Rajni’s Mumbai offer. Govind asks him to say. Titu asks them to be ready what work he did. He says he has earned this money in Kavi Sammelan. They get puzzled.

Govind asks what did he do. Titu says I will make you meet someone. Gulgule comes and says Titu is a thief. Vaishaili recalls how she met Gulgule and told him to reply Titu by revenge. She gave him idea to make Titu arrested. Gulgule asks why is she helping him being Titu’s bhabhi. She asks him to leave it, and tells him to put theft blame on Titu. Gulgule tells everyone that Titu and Golu were after him. Golu says Gulgule is lying, even Mukund knows Gulgule was cheating in Kavi Sammelan. Golu tells everything and asks Mukund to say. Mukund says it was not proved, so I can’t say anything. Titu gets worried. Gulgule asks for his 15000rs. Titu says he has earned it. Gulgule asks did I give you the money by my hands. Titu says no. Gulgule says he has run with the money.

Panchi gets angry and slaps Titu. Everyone get shocked. Panchi says Titu has always lied to her. She counts his lies and says she has failed today. She says he will always be lazy, she was wrong as she thought she can change Titu, he can never change. She calls him a stone. She says she loved him a lot and wanted to change him, but Titu can just love himself, no one else. She apologizes to Govind and says she has to go from this house.

Govind says when his son is wrong, how can he tell Panchi to stay here. He says he wishes he was childless than having Titu. Panchi says she has no strength now, and accepts that she has lost the bet of reforming Titu. She shows the shirt made for Titu, which has Tu Mera Hero written on it. She tears it and hands it over to Titu. She leaves with her bag and does not enter the home. Kamlesh goes with her. Golu asks Titu to stop Panchi. Titu looks on sad.

Titu stops Surekha from beating her hand. She says she should have punishment to make him lazy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    1. It is telecasted at 8:00pm on star plus

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