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The Episode starts with Govind looking for his things. Surekha comes and taunts him. He asks why did she give keys to Vaishaili, she will make them beg, don’t you know her. She says I know, so you gave her responsibility to decide for Titu. He says it was just to show, why don’t you understand, Titu will get habitual to sit on the shop. She says Titu’s dreams should be fulfilled, else his smile will vanish. He disagrees. Bhagwati brings food for Keshav at the shop and asks him to eat. She says no one ate food at home. He says even I don’t want to eat. She makes him eat the food.

He says when elders are annoyed, we feel like someone snatched anything from us, I can’t see Govind and Surekha fighting, I understand Titu very well. She says relation is tested by happiness and pain, it becomes

strong, like ours. He makes her eat the food and she smiles.

Titu is sad. Panchi tells him that plan is set, she hopes nothing wrong happens, then no one can stop him from becoming comedy star. She asks what is he thinking. He says nothing. She says we are doing this for good intentions, and this will not hurt anyone, everyone knows Vaishaili. He says yes, dad chose her as she will not say yes. She says we have to fight and get our right. He smiles. He teases her and holds her closer. She falls on him and they have an eyelock. He says I think Lord also likes our romance. She hugs him.

Bhagwati does some work. Keshav asks her for cupboard keys. She does not hear him. He sees the keys on her waist and comes to take it. She holds his hand and gets shocked. They have an eyelock. She gives him the keys. Sundar comes and says an uncle came in our school and made me have ice Gola. Keshav asks who is it, how can you take anything from anyone, are we not for you.

He scolds Sundar and Bhagwati says I will explain him. Mukund and Vaishaili are on the way and enjoying. He says Titu’s dreams are gone far. She says yes, all the ways are closed now. They see their way closed. She asks him to move the barrels. He asks her to come. They go to move the barrels and get shocked seeing the car hitting Cheeni. Vaishaili says how did Cheeni come here. He says I have put handbrake.

She checks Cheeni and says she is dead. They both get shocked. They leave from there. Rekha talks to Surekha about some dohas. Vaishaili brings Mukund home. Titu asks Panchi did Cheeni end, the tea has less sugar. Rekha sees Mukund. Titu asks how did he come so soon. Govind asks is everything fine. Mukund says yes, I was going Agra and ….Rekha and Surekha ask what happened. Vaishaili says we will go later, we will not enjoy without family. Govind asks did they come for elders. Titu jokes and says its something fishy.

He says its some suspense or they have done something. Vaishaili says we will go to our room. Panchi asks Vaishaili did their love got them here, so will she give paper to Govind for sign. Vaishaiki says we will talk later. Golu comes and says Cheeni is missing, and cries. Titu consoles him. He says we should call police. Mukund says he is dying of hiccups. Vaishaili says maybe Cheeni is stuck in traffic, we should wait. Titu asks Mukund does he have any problem. Rekha says they worry as anyone kidnapped Cheeni. Cheeni sits in Titu’s room and eats much food. Titu, Panchi and Golu look at her.

Vaishaili and Mukund get the pic of accident, and get blackmailed. Titu, Panchi and Surekha look on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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