Tu Mera Hero 22nd April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Panchi packing tiffin for Titu. Surekha thinks how to stop her. She gets an idea and smiles. Panchi starts leaving. She sees the cow in the way and asks to move, as she has some work. Surekha thinks how will Panchi go now if cow stops her. She asks Panchi to go by the side. Panchi gets scared. Rekha and Vaishaili come by the side. Surekha says see, its easy, go. Vaishaili says yes, nothing will happen. The cow hits Rekha and she falls. Panchi gets more scared. Rekha says the cow is very naughty and they all hold her. Panchi says she has to go but how will she go.

The drama goes on and director shoots. Everyone clap for the actors. They all see Titu as Pitama, and his friend ask how did he get old so soon. Titu says he is Mathura Das and my dad wants me to work, I will

make his dream true. He asks will he act. Titu says no, I will just lie down and act like Bhishma Pitama. Surekha says she will send the tiffin for Titu by anyone. Panchi says I had to go and asks cow to move.

She talks to the cow and says go now, and gets scared. Rekha scares Panchi and says don’t trouble the cow. The cow starts running outside. Rekha says Gow Mata has run. Panchi runs to stop. Surekha asks what did she do. Panchi says no. Surekha says why don’t she say she can’t do this. Panchi says no, I can, I will get cow back. Surekha thinks now she will know its tough task.

Titu lies down in the scene and the pandavas talk to him. Panchi runs after the cow. Govind asks her whose cow it is. She says its ours. He says then catch it. Manorama tells Rachna to think about the rich comforts. Rachna says I did what you said, I hope Chetan does not get angry. Manorama says don’t worry, just go and talk to him. Chetan is with his clients and does not want to change his department. He returns the bribe. Rachna brings tea for them. The man says I don’t need, give him and leaves.

Chetan gets angry. Manorama wishes Chetan did not refuse money. Titu talks to his friend and drinks coconut water. The actors does the rehearsals and an actor argues with the director. The actor says the lines are not good. Titu says its yug difference, what if Mahabharat is written in today’s world, and does good acting with his humor talk. He entertains everyone and the director gets glad with him.

Manorama tells a man to act as she says and shows the costly times to Chetan. She shows she is short of money. Chetan stops the man and pays him money. He asks her not to keep loans. She puts all the blame on Rachna and says whats there, you will pay or me. Chetan worries and she smiles. The cow runs and Panchi asks people did they see any cow running. Govind asks others and they come to Mathura shooting studio. They think the cow went inside and go there to see. The director instructs Titu and the cow comes there. Titu does not move and lies down. He then sees the cow and gets scared.

He is shocked seeing Govind there. Govind looks for the cow and does not identify Titu. Titu wishes dad does not know him, else he will be caught that he is here and not at the shop. Govind asks him did he see the cow here. Titu thinks he will tie him if he talks to him. Govind says I recall my dad seeing you, he used to lie like this, I know you are helpless to lie here, bless him to be like you, that he works at the shop. The man says the cow is outside and Govind leaves. The cow comes to Panchi and runs after her. Panchi gets inside a vanity van and hears a girl rehearsing lines. The girl turns and says Panchi.

Titu talks to Ritu and she says she is not with Kapil anymore. He says you would have married me. She thinks he still loves her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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