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The Episode starts with Surekha laughing. She asks Panchi and Bhagwati were they explaining her not to doubt husband, now are they jealous seeing their husbands with anyone else. Vaishaili says Mukund is not like this and is confident. Bhagwati says he has gone out, how can you say this, I will see Keshav. Panchi says I will see Titu. Bhagwati goes to Keshav and asks what was he doing there. He says I was just helping the girl, she has asked for my help and I could not say no. She asks will you not say to anything she says. He says I swear, and tells her everything. He hears the anklet and says she is coming.

Bhagwati asks what. Dimple comes and Bhagwati gets shocked seeing Keshav smiling. Dimple asks Bhagwati for some sarees and chooses the one Keshav likes. She goes. Bhagwati gets angry

on Keshav and goes. Titu tries to make up to Panchi and says you told me to help them. She says yes, and scolds him. Sonam comes and takes selfie with Titu. Sonam flirts with Titu and says she can’t call him Bhaiya. Panchi gets angry. Surekha tells Titu and Keshav that she did not expect this from them, its bad, they were worried about Govind. Titu says we were just helping them.

Keshav says we are good men and don’t think what you all are thinking. Bhagwati scolds him. Titu asks Surekha not to insult them infront of outsiders. Panchi scolds Titu. She tells Surekha that Sonal is flirting with Titu and told me on my face that she keeps all her options open. Titu says she is innocent. Panchi says it will be known tomorrow. Bhagwati says Dimple too my saree. Keshav says she will return. Titu says we can’t listen more, we will clean this stain and prove our innocent. They challenge the women.

Titu tells Mukund about his show. Mukund sees many dishes and says for whom is this feast. Surekha says its for the new neighbors. Panchi says yes, we invited the beauties for breakfast, but today they are your guests, so you will be serving them. Titu asks what, you asked us not to take their names, and now asking us to serve them. Bhagwati says she has made chilli halwa. Panchi says yes, I have put salty kheer. Vaishaili says about black pepper tea. Titu asks whats this plan. Panchi says this is plan for you, this is test for you all, we will see will you worry for neighbors or our anger, you will serve this without any hint. Keshav says its too much, but fine.

The neighbors comes. Surekha and her bahus hide. Hema gets glad seeing food and says we are glad to have neighbors like you. Surekha gets annoyed and talks to her bahus. They think to see how the men manage now. Hema tells about Pari and talks to them. Panchi signs Titu to serve food. Titu holds his head. Bhagwati signs Keshav. Titu and Keshav look at each other. Titu gives the kheer. The women look on and laugh. Govind comes and Hema says she will have the kheer and not give to Govind. Govind says don’t eat and stops her.

He says this has salt and chilli powder. Hema asks what and eats it. He says it will be spicy, stop. Hema finishes it all and they all look at her. Hema says its s tasty. Even Dimple and Sonam like the kheer and call Govind funny. Hema says he made reasons to stop us from eating. Hema says I think Surekha is busy, so we will meet everyone tomorrow. They leave.

Govind asks Titu whats all this. Surekha says I will say, this was test, in which you have failed, you were stopping Hema from having salty kheer. Panchi says we lied about salt and chilli, we wanted to us do they love us or save neighbors. Tituy says fine, we passed the test, dad came and stopped them, now do you trust we are innocent. Panchi looks at everyone and nods. Titu smiles.

Surekha asks Govind why did he come to stop Hema, its his mistake. He says Sundar told me about salt in food and I thought you have put by mistake, so I have come to stop you all. She says she does not trust him, and refuses to celebrate anniversary. Govind says fine, even I won’t, its 40 years of marriage and now trust is breaking like a toy. They get angry. The man says he has fixed cameras in the house for tomorrow’s function. Titu worries and still holds a smile.

Panchi scolds Titu for not saying I love you or romancing with him. He says Panchi…. And they laugh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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