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The Episode starts with everyone pampering Vaishaili a lot. Panchi too serves her snacks. Titu and everyone try to convince her to agree to support Titu. They all ask her to agree and request a lot. Vaishaili is crowned as a princess. She says they all are so good, I m very glad, and she did not agree yet. She says they made her so emotional and it won’t be good to break Govind’s trust, I want some more time. She asks Pinky to keep all the gifts in her room.

Panchi sits in her room sad. Titu comes to her. He makes her smile. She asks will Govind agree. He says yes, Vaishaili has to agree soon. She hugs him and they smile. Rekha says Govind would have asked me and I would have taken the jewelry. Vaishaili smiles and tells Mukund that they got tickets to roam around. She says they will get

many things. Surekha comes and says yes, you have Titu’s happiness, please agree and requests her. She apologizes to her. Titu and Panchi come there.

Surekha hands over the house keys to Vaishaili, leaving everyone stunned. Rekha faints and Mukund holds her. Rekha signs Vaishaili to take it. Surekha says she can do anything for Titu. Vaishaili takes the keys. Panchi gets sad and hope their doubt is wrong. Its morning, Keshav talks to Sundar and Bhagwati takes him to school. Titu asks Keshav about Govind.

Everyone come in the hall. Golu asks is everything fine. Govind comes there and sits. Everyone look at him. Vaishaili goes to Govind and says she wants to tell something. She gives him the form and pen to sign. She keeps the house keys there. Vaishaili says she respects Surekha, but she can’t go against Govind, she can’t permit Titu to go Mumbai. They all get sad. He asks Govind to decide himself and not ask her. She says one side is your painful past and on the other side is Surekha’s tears. Panchi says we expected this from you Vaishaili.

Govind asks Surekha to see honesty, you have given this keys to Vaishaili to make her agree. Surekha says yes, but she wanted the keys since long. Vaishaili says I m returning the tickets which you gave me to convince me. Govind is stunned. Surekha says Vaishaili is acting a lot. Govind asks Vaishaili to keep the tickets, this is prize for her honesty. Vaishaili says its not needed. Govind insists and she agrees.

Surekha thinks Govind is sending her, as Titu should not convince her. Vaishaili goes and does the packing. Rekha asks why did she return everything, as if Titu can win the world after going Mumbai. Vaishaili says yes, he will rule in everyone’s heart, he will come on tv, think of his talent, I can’t take the risk. Mukund comes and asks is Vaishaili ready. Rekha is shocked seeing them excited to leave.

Surekha says Vaishaili is like chameleon. Mukund and Vaishailu come in the hall. Vaishaili says we will go as Govind wants us to go. She says sorry Panchi, you know I did my best and still could not do anything, Titu stops Panchi from saying, and asks Mukund to enjoy. Panchi taunts Vaishaili for eating Titu’s dreams and they laugh. Titu says she is just joking, she is my wife. Mukund says it would be good if Titu came, but I will enjoy on your behalf, don’t worry and don’t lose. Surekha sends them and says they will not be of use to anyone, I will think something. Titu gets an idea and says Mukund said right, he always gives me good ideas, the one who is scared is like dying, and aims at Golu. Golu is shocked and says no, I m newly married. Titu makes him agree for friendship and hugs him smiling.

Panchi tells Titu that we can’t hurt anyone for our aim. He says Govind has chosen Vaishaili as he knows she will never agree. She says yes, then we have to do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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