Tu Mera Hero 21st February 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Panchi slipping and falling on Titu. They get under the mosquito net. Everyone come back from temple. Manorama is shocked and taunts them. They all are shocked. Manorama says its great, so they did not come to temple. Surekha defends Titu and Panchi. Titu and Panchi come out of the net. Manorama and Surekha argue. Govind says enough Surekha. Surekha says send them from here. Titu says he was having the Prasad by his wife and the mosquito net has trapped them.

Manorama asks them to bring more mosquito net for Chetan also. Golu says he did not bring this, Surekha got it for Titu. Manorama says we will sleep now, its puja at 7am. Titu says what. Govind thinks what to do. Panchi says she likes to see sunrise and she wakes up early. Govind asks Titu to get up at 6am. Arvind

talks to Manorama and Surekha passes some taunts. She asks Golu to get fan for Titu. He leaves. Surekha says Govind to change puja timings as Titu will not wake up early. Govind says he knows him very well. He says its just one mahurat and he has to get up at 6am.

Golu gets the fan. Titu says how will I get up so early. Chetan sneezes and says he caught cold. Manorama asks Rachna to get haldi milk for him. Titu asks Surekha to find some way. Surekha asks Govind to think about delaying puja. They argue about Titu and he says there is just one mahurat. Surekha says she will go for running, as Titu got jeans for her and she will have to lose weight. Govind says Lord has made one mad mother for Titu. She says yes and smiles. She says my son has given me love and happiness, did any son give any mum such happiness.

He says I m excited to see you in jeans and they laugh. He says how to wake up Titu at 6am. The hotel manager comes and says I can help you in this matter. Panchi and Rachna talk. Rekha eats snacks inside the blanket and Golu uncovers her. She scolds him. Golu says Mukund called and she takes the phone. Mukund says I m marrying tomorrow. Rekha says what and everyone look at her sudden shocked word.

Rekha says what, I can’t hear anything, and goes out to talk to him. She asks what was he saying. Mukund says Vaishaili is tensed as her dad wants her to marry someone else, I don’t want to lose her. Rekha says yes, such girl should not be missed, you have to live in her house. She says she will be sad that she can’t be present in his marriage, she had many dreams. She says this marriage is imp for you, we have to tell Govind and Surekha that I did not leave my children on them. Mukund says he will show her the marriage on video chat. She says she will celebrate for his marriage.

She turns and sees Surekha. Surekha says she knows she can’t sleep without talking to her son. Rekha says its late, lets sleep. Panchi tells Rachna that they will sleep as she has to get up early. She sees Titu and smiles. Titu signs what. She says good night, and he says the same. Golu makes Titu drink water and says he will keep him awake.

Govind comes and says no need for it. Titu and Golu get shocked. Govind asks him to have this tablet. Titu asks what, digestion tablet. Govind says its tablet by which you can’t get sleep. Titu says you did great. He takes the tablet. Titu asks Golu to have one tablet. Govind gives one tablet to him too. He blesses the manager. Titu eats the tablet and Golu too.

Titu and Golu does not get sleep. Titu says he is yawning and sleeping will come. Titu says sleep gives good health and no dark circles. Golu says lets go out and we will not get sleep in cold air. Titu closes his eyes.

Govind and Surekha wake up. He asks where is Titu, he might be getting ready. Titu sleeps.

Update Credit to: Amena

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