Tu Mera Hero 21st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu talking to Golu. He says why did Lord make this general store. A man comes there dressed as Lord. They all greet him thinking he is Lord. The man asks what is he doing. Titu asks who is he, what does he want. The man says I m actor, doing role in Mahabharat. Golu asks him to get Laxmi ji. The man says she is with me and tells they can come to see the play in nearby event venue. Titu smiles. Titu says now I was thinking why I was not getting fun here, we will go there, lets go. He leaves.

Panchi tells Rachna that she is tensed to do aarti of Gow mata. Rachna asks her to tell Surekha, she will understand. Panchi says I can’ t refuse to her, as she said by love. Rachna says do puja with smile and love. Panchi asks cow not to hit her, else how will she do puja. She

checks on net how to become friend with cow and does not get anything. Rekha looks on.

Surekha asks Panchi to come soon for puja. Keshav brings Sundar from school and says he will teach him. Rekha looks on. Sundar sees the cow and smiles. Rekha scolds Keshav for loving Sundar and asks him to go shop. Keshav says I went to get Sundar, as Bhagwati was busy. She thinks something is cooking and she will burn it. Panchi prepares the aarti plate and wishes Lord to make puja done well. Vaishaili looks on and Panchi goes. Vaishaili adds something in her plate.

Surekha asks Panchi to get aarti plate. Panchi says I forgot and goes back. She sees Vaishaili and asks what happened. Vaishaili says nothing, and asks her to take aarti plate. They go for the puja. Surekha asks Panchi to do. Vaishaili does everything fast. Panchi is scared of cow. She goes to tie the thread. Panchi says sorry, I will get another plate. Vaishaili asks her to do aarti by her plate. Panchi gets tensed and does aarti. Vaishaili says just tie thread soon and puts fire near the cow. The cow reacts and hits Panchi. Surekha says she got hurt and they all care for her. Surekha thinks what did this happen and comes to Rekha. Vaishaili acts sweet to her. Surekha says what was the need to do this, I just wanted to make her say that she can’t do this, then I will talk about Titu.

Govind calls Golu and asks about Titu. Golu recalls how Surekha planned to fool Govind and showing Titu’s recorded voice. He plays Titu’s message that he is working, there are many customers and work is worship. Govind gets glad and ends the call. Panchi tells Surekha that she has fear of cow and says she will not let her down, and hugs her. Surekha says tell me if there is anything you can’t do. Panchi says she was scared at first moment, and Surekha smiles. Panchi says she will do this work till she succeeds and not lose, don’t worry, I will do puja very well. Surekha looks on.

Titu comes to the place and sees all actors. He likes the set and says its great to see all this. Keshav talks to Bhagwati and says Sundar did well. Sundar comes and shows the maths problems solved. Keshav says great and scolds him seeing its his book. Sundar cries. Keshav leaves. Bhagwati feels bad and hugs Sundar. Sundar says he does not love me. She says no, he teaches you as he loves you.

An actor gets angry and leaves the show. Titu rests on the set. The man sees Titu there and the director also goes to wake him. They all see Titu in the costume.

The cow runs and Panchi runs to stop it. Govind asks whose cow it is. Panchi says mine.

Update Credit to: Amena

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