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The Episode starts with Ehsaan giving the trophy to the winner Gulgule. Gulgule receives it and gives his speech. He dances. Rajni asks Titu to give himself a chance. Titu says will he earn money if he gives few lines and smiles. He says this is the work made for me and laughs. Ehsaan says congrats Gulgule to you and your helpers, I mean your family, friends and guide. Rajni asks Titu to meet Ehsaan, he is very famous, he knows you are real winner and you have right on that stick, come. She asks what happened. Titu says not now, I don’t have time, there is someone who is waiting for me, I will free my wife and then I will come, I can’t make my Panchi wait. She says fine, but don’t let this chance go, come before I go back. She leaves.

Titu says just some time now Panchi, I m coming. Vaishaili

hears this and gets worried. She says Panchi, Titu can’t come to you, I will stop him. Panchi waits for Titu and the warden gives her best wishes. Panchi gets glad seeing the decorations and lights. Vaishaili asks Gulgule to forget the stick. She says she is Mukund’s wife and Titu’s Bhabhi. She says his cheating truth is out. Gulgule gets worried. She says Titu was writing poetry, he felt he will become great, he told the truth to Rajni, he will get the stick by Ehsaan. Gulgule says no way, I will get it. Surekha prays to Lord about Titu and Panchi. Govind comes and says he is going to bring Panchi.

Ehsaan says did Rajni get the guy. Gulgule hears them. Rajni says the guy will come in 2 hours. Ehsaan says he has to go Mumbai and asks her to give the stick to the guy, and also entry pass to the laughter show. He says he needs such talented guy. Gulgule goes to take the stick. Ehsaan and Rajni scare him of police. Vaishaili fills Gulgule’s ears against Titu. Titu comes and asks him for money. Gulgule asks do I know you, which money and changes. Titu says he can’t do this, he has given his poetry and asks for money. Gulgule scolds him.

Golu stops Gulgule and says Panchi is waiting for us. Titu says he will take his money and hurts Gulgule. Panchi’s parents come and meet her. Cheeni says she slipped on the stairs being excited. Pratibha says she is praying that Titu becomes her hero, and frees her from here to take her home. Rachna says she is sure Panchi will succeed. Govind and Surekha come there and bless Panchi. He sees her hurt and asks her to take care. He says when she came in their home, he has done her grahpravesh as a father in law, today he will take her as a father. Kamlesh says we are with you, Titu will come now. Govind says yes, he might be coming.

Golu stops Gulgule and asks for money. Titu says give me my hard earned money, else we will not leave you. Gulgule says he will not give. Golu takes the money from his pocket. Titu asks him to see what he does now. Panchi and everyone wait for Titu. Panchi says in heart asking Titu to come. Titu runs in rain and comes there on time. Panchi sees him and smiles. Everyone get happy seeing him. Panchi recalls their first meet. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam………….plays…….. Titu and Panchi smile seeing each other. Panchi hugs him and they both cry.

Titu says Gulgule promised me that he will give money for my work, and he changed. Panchi slaps Titu and asks him to stop it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Now y the hell did she slap him ???

    1. Very true yaar. I’m watching the episode now and Im bursting in tears

  2. Plz show the happy moments of tipan

  3. this is too much,panchi

  4. IhatePanchi4slappingtitu


  5. y she slapd him nt fair ha

  6. usne islye mara qki yeh pese cheat ke hai… i hate vaishali the vamp

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