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The Episode starts with Govind sharing his bad story of his struggle. He says he used to miss parents a lot and used to cry sitting alone, one day dad came to him, and saw his state. His dad got him back to Mathura, people used to joke on me, that I went to become hero and came as zero, then my dad encouraged me and opened a shop for me. He says if he did not come back, then he would have stayed without any identity. Titu goes to him and cries. Govind says he has hidden his broken dreams that it does not hurt anyone.

He says I want Titu not to face any such thing, like my dad loved me a lot, even I want Titu to be problem free. He says Mumbai is a big sea and everyone can’t swim in it, I can’t see my son sinking there. Panchi asks Govind to trust Titu, Titu is unique and he will make a boat

in the sea by his talent, he has golden heart, Titu needs your support. I m not saying you are wrong, but Titu has reach heights. She says Titu is very talented that he can face any obstacle. Govind disagrees. Kamlesh comes and looks on. Kamlesh asks Panchi not to do this, as Govin is right, why to start this new drama.

Titu says why will I fail when I m learning to work. He explains that everyone has to try to succeed, and what if I can get success. He says if everyone stopped their child like this, no one would become Sachin, Hema ji, and others. Everyone ask Govind to send Titu. Govind agrees on everyone’s saying, and they all smile. He says I have one condition, that Vaishaili should bring this paper to me and ask me to sign on it.

He says if you want my blessing, you all have to accept this condition. They all look at Vaishaili. Titu says I will get blessings from you and only then I will go. He says flop actor’s son is always a star, so I m ready to become your twinkle twinkle little star. They all smile.

Govind calls Surekha and asks for his kurta. She asks him about asking Vaishaili. He says she is jealous of Panchi and Titu, she can’t see them happy, I know everything. She says you hear all wrong things and says Titu will convince Vaishaili, you will just see. Mukund tells Vaishaili that his dreams will be fulfilled. Rekha comes and says why did Govind ask her to give her nod. Vaishaili says he created a big problem for Titu, I will never support his Mumbai dreams. Panchi says its real happiness to support anyone’s dreams. Vaishaili acts sweet to Panchi and Titu.

Titu says he has understood dreams after 24 years, and tries t convince her. Bhagwati and Surekha come there. He says this is my dream to entertain people and make them laugh, I did not know this will become my passion, I want to become a comedy star. Panchi says this is imp for Titu, please agree Vaishaili. Surekha says you will have some dreams too, tell me, I will fulfill it, but just say yes.

Mukund smiles. Rekha thinks this is good chance to ask a big necklace Vaishaili. Vaishaili says I will lose to do bahu’s duty if I did not think of house’s happiness. She says I have to respect Govind’s decision, but I don’t like when Surekha is requesting me, give me some time to think. She says she can think for days too. They all leave. She smiles and says she will make them wait a lot and make them request again. She says they will get many necklaces. Surekha, Panchi and Titu have a talk. Panchi says Vaishaili did not melt. Surekha says she will not agree, we have to do something. Panchi asks Titu not to worry. He kisses her hand and hugs her. He thanks her for her support. She says she will think to convince Vaishaili.

Surekha tells Vaishaili that she will end all her complains.

Update Credit to: Amena

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