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The Episode starts with Govind, Surekha, Manorama and Arvind talking to the hotel receptionist. The ladies argue. The man says the hotel has everything and they don’t need to go anywhere for shopping anything. They take the room keys and go. Titu tells Rekha that she will not get saree for Bhagwati here and asks her to go with Rachna. Rekha leaves. Titu asks the man to show a beautiful saree for his wife. Panchi sees some designs and ask him. Titu jokes and decides few sarees for her.

She slips and he holds her. They have an eyelock. Tujhe dekhe to ye jana sanam musical………… plays……….. They go to pay the bill. Titu asks how much. The man says 8200. Titu gives him 8500 and says he does not have 200 change. The man asks him to get change. Rekha comes and thinks Titu will refuse

and get exposed, and smiles. Titu says leave it, give me the jeans. He buys it for 800rs. Titu says its not for them, as its 38 number waist. Surekha sees it and asks Titu did he get it for her. Titu says yes. Rekha asks how can she wear this. Titu says why not, and explains. Everyone laughs.

Titu says you will look more beautiful than Hema Malini. Manorama gets irked. Surekha says she will surely wear it, as her son got a gift for her by his choice, even if he got poison, and told me that he got it by his choice, I would have drank it without any question, to wear jeans, not age, but fate is imp, and my fate is very nice as I got my son, who knows to take care of his mum. Manorama says its time for aarti and leaves.

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Panchi gifts Govind and she feels everyone is perfect like my dream. Surekha asks Panchi to go and change, they will go for aarti. Vaishaili cries and hugs Mukund. He asks why is she crying. She says I m tired thinking when will to talk about our marriage, now dad wants me to get married somewhere else. He says I will talk to Govind, don’t worry. She says it will be very late, if you want to marry me, if you love me, marry me tomorrow, I m sorry, try to understand me, I can’t marry someone else. Panchi gets ready and says Titu should see this first.

She waits for Titu. Rekha asks Surekha to come, why did Panchi not come. Surekha says she is new bride, and reminds what she did at her marriage time. Panchi asks Lord to help her. Surekha says we will go, and Govind asks Titu to get Panchi. Titu says he will get Panchi and sends Golu. Panchi thanks Lord. Titu says he will go to room and wait.

Titu sits in the mosquito net and Panchi comes to him. He compliments her and she says you said we are friends, and we can share things. He asks does she want to share the mosquito net. She laughs and says no, we can share whats in our heart. He says fine, and I like the smell of the sweets. She smiles and gives him the Prasad. He says about his childhood story and he went in a temple. He says a little girl got Prasad for me, and gave me many when it was ending. The FB shows their first meeting in childhood.

She says and then after all ended, the girl started crying. He says yes and looks at her. He asks how do you know. She says she is the girl. He recalls the girl saying her name is Panchi. They smile. He says it means you are that small Panchi. He says I was indebted and today its my turn. He makes her have the Prasad. She smiles.

Panchi slips and falls on Titu. Everyone come and see them inside the mosquito net.

Update Credit to: Amena

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