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The Episode starts with Jatin trying to catch Titua nd his family. They all run dividing up and Jatin falls to catch them. He hears announcement of Mehmood ji on stage and says I m here, who are they calling on stage. Titu’s family tells him that real talented star is on the stage, he is real Mehmood’s fan. They all go and sit in audience. Titu comes on stage in Mehmood’s getup. The people ask is he really Mehmood. Titu says no one can be like Mehmood, I m his fan, he is comedy kind, I want to pay tribute to him in his unique way.

Jatin comes there also dressed similarly as Mehmood. The people realize its Jatin and Titu and cheer for the two Mehmood. Jatin says Titu has come to get free publicity of his show, and asks him to leave. Titu answers him well and insults him. He says they

both have to say that they are behind Mehmood is back, let Mathura decide, and challenges him. Jatin accepts the challenge. They both start dancing on Ek Chatur Naar……… in Mehmood’s style. They both dance well and imitate Mehmood’s style.

Jatin falls down. Titu stops seeing him. Sundar asks Titu to dance. Titu continues and dances. Everyone clap for Titu. Jatin looks on. The man says they got a new comedy star. Jatin gets angry and says you feel this guy is a star, he just did Mehmood’s copy, he is a copycat, he does not have talent like me. Titu gets sad and leaves from there. Jatin says he has run after his truth came out, I m the star. Golu says Titu is the new star of comedy and takes Jatin from there. Titu changes clothes and comes to them. He says he is Titu. They all clap for him.

He says he wants to ask them whats comedy, he has heard them laughing, is making someone laugh is comedy, no, its newton’s law of action and reaction. He gives many examples of newton’s law. He does his humor talk. He takes instances from his family and Panchi. Everyone laugh on his liners. Titu asks them to keep smiling. The people like the talent and say Titu should be in his show. They all praise Titu for his comedy talent. Panchi goes on stage and hugs him. She signs they both are best and hug.

Titu asks all his family to come on stage. They all come on stage. Titu thanks everyone and they all stand united. Jatin sees them and leaves from there. They all come home. They celebrate Titu’s success. Surekha and Govind say Titu is their son. She says everyone called Titu Nikhattu and told I spoiled him.

They ask whom does Titu love more and asks him to say fast. Titu says Surekha is his life and Govind is his pride. He says they both are equal to him, but Surekha is more close to him as she gave him birth. He hugs Surekha. They all laugh. Its morning, Panchi gets ready and looks for her sindoor. Titu comes to her and holds her close, that his tilak marks sindoor to her forehead. She smiles seeing it. Tujhe dekha to ye jana sanam……..plays…………

Titu tells Panchi that he feels a lot for her, and romances. She gets shy and leaves.

Update Credit to: Amena

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