Tu Mera Hero 20th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu and Panchi coming downstairs. Pandits brings cows there. Rekha asks whats going on. Govind asks what happened. They all see cows. Surekha smiles seeing Panchi getting tense. Titu says its Gow mata and greets the cow. Vaishaili smiles and signs Mukund. Surekha asks pandit why did he get cows from Alankraj Maharaj. The pandit says they want to do their puja, but a difficulty came. He says they have to stay in some good family and he felt you are the best, so we came here. She says thanks, we got two new bahus and we will make them do the puja, so that they also progress.

Panchi worries. Surekha thinks now it will get Titu’s happiness back. Govind asks Surekha to come with him, and asks why is he taking this responsibility, Panchi is busy, how will she manage take

caring of cows. She says I know, I m there to help, I have kept this test to show she is good bahu, Rekha and I have done this too. He says do what you feel right. Surekha says tell Maharaj that he has sent cows to right home, my bahus will take care, Panchi and Vaishaili will have one each.

Vaishaili thinks she will work and have patience, if she can get life long benefits. Surekha asks Titu to go and work well. Titu smiles and goes with Govind. Surekha asks Panchi and Surekha to come. Panchi nods and Bhagwati asks her not to be afraid. Surekha thinks how Pratibha told her how a monkey has scared Panchi, and then she is scared of animals. Surekha asks Panchi to hold the rope. Rekha says Panchi don’t be scared, come on.

Panchi holds the rope and Surekha smiles. Rekha says its fun. Surekha thinks Panchi calls Titu Nikhattu and now I will see how much Sarvagunn samparn she is. Govind brings Titu to shop and the shop shutter is lifted. Titu is not interested to work. Govind blesses Titu. A boy comes to buy toffees and Govind gives him, asking him to inform everyone about Titu’s shop.

Titu gives more for his friends, and Govind asks why did he give so many for free, business will be shut if he does this. Govind needs a pen and Titu asks him to buy. Govind gets impressed and says take money. He says we will take selfie to show Panchi. Chetan says he is happy and Rachna asks him for a silk saree than this one. She does as Manorama says and this leaves bad impression on Chetan. Rachna goes and Manorama fills his ears against Rachna. Chetan still defends Rachna and leaves for office.

The panchayat asks Bhuvan to end ties with Chakor if he has to stay in village. Kasturi says what is he saying, they can’t end ties with her. Bhuvan says I accept this decision and Kasturi and Dadi are shocked. Kasturi cries. Bhaiya ji says here is your student, now train her and make her win, its your work, my work ends. Tejaswini is shocked. Bhaiya ji leaves. She goes after him. Arjun and Chakor smile.

Surekha asks Panchi to feed cow. Rekha asks Vaishaili not to be worry, and tie the thread to cow’s leg. Vaishaili smiles. Surekha comes in her room and likes the decorations. Govind smiles and shows the pic of Titu’s first earnings. She smiles and he feels proud.

Manorama tells Rachna why is she not saying Chetan to change his department and fills her ears. Rachna says I tried to explain, but what to do. Manorama asks her to talk again. Mukund says I have to do something, and checks for some jobs online. Panchi looks on and gets Govind’s call. She does not hear Vaishaili’s plan and leaves. Vaishaili smiles.

Titu asks the man why did he need discount, he needs to earn 10000rs. The man asks him to get more customers, as i8ts one shop for kirana. Titu gets an idea and tells his friends. They dance and say they will give huge discounts, buy one get one free. The man gets glad and buys things. Many customers come and he gets much money. Titu says he will get money soon in this way.

Panchi gets scared and ties thread to cow. Vaishaili brings fire near the cow and cows hits Panchi. Surekha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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