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The Episode starts with Titu asking Sudheer to fill sindoor in Pinky’s maang. Sudheer’s mum thinks they are trapping them to take care of Pinky all the life. She signs no to Sudheer. Sudheer opens the sindoor box and takes sindoor. He comes out. They all ask what happened. Titu says we don’t have time, come. Rekha says you have become our son in law, accept Pinky. Sudheer says I can’t do this marriage, I love Pinky, but this paralyzed Pinky, I will see when she gets fine. Titu says she will be fine if you support her, you love Pinky, love is by heart, not body, I know you love Pinky a lot, she needs you the most now, fill the sindoor. Sudheer says he does not love Pinky now, he will not marry her. They all get shocked.

Titu asks how can this happen. Sudheer says he won’t marry.

Titu says come and fill sindoor. Surekha says yes, don’t be scared, you do your duty. Sudheer throws the sindoor and asks whats this, Pinky is on semi lively state, no man will marry her, why are you forcing me. Surekha slaps him. Titu says why don’t you want Pinky to marry you, you are after him, you defamed her to marry her. Sudheer says what nonsense. Pinky comes there and says no. They all get glad seeing Pinky fine. Sudheer gets shocked.

Pinky says Sudheer is saying nonsense, not Titu. Rekha hugs her and cries happily. Mukund asks Titu whats all this. Keshav says it means Pinky is fine. Panchi says I will say. FB shows Panchi meeting the doctor. The doctor says Pinky is fine. Surekha hugs Pinky and cries. The doctor says her leg had small burn, she is lucky, it was hold voltage but not much damage. Surekha asks Titu to call Govind and inform him that Pinky is fine.

Titu asks doctor why did he say to them that Pinky is serious. Panchi says she did this to stop Sudheer from marrying Pinky. Titu gets glad and tells Surekha to see Panchi’s smartness. He thanks the doctor. Surekha says now Sudheer will find this tough. Sudheer scolds Titu. Surekha pushes Sudheer and scolds him. Titu says the truth is Sudheer was troubling Pinky and threatened her that he will die, so she got scared and said yes, he is very clever.

Titu says its good Sudheer’s truth is out. Panchi scolds Sudheer. Keshav says girls are respect and foundation of a house. Surekha says daughters take care of everyone, and guys like you can never understand this. She says parents also get hurt by such things and cries. Rekha apologizes to Pinky as she was going to sacrifice her life and happiness. Rekha thanks Titu for saving Pinky’s life.

Mukund thanks and hugs Titu. Rekha apologizes to Surekha and says I got fooled by Sudheer. Surekha says its fine, many parents do this mistake by caring about society, this is lesson to such parents. Titu says Sudheer has seen comedian Titu, not Pinky’s brother. He asks him to get lost and not be around Pinky again. Sudheer’s mum apologizes as she has agreed to Sudheer for his happiness and promises them that Sudheer will not trouble any girl now. She takes Sudheer and leaves.

Rekha says its all fine now. She asks Pinky to return the necklace to her, she will keep it in safe. They all laugh. Surekha jokes. They all come home. Its morning, Bhagwati gives tea to everyone. Rekha asks Pinky not to worry, they will find a prince for her. Surekha says yes, its good Sudheer is out of her life, Panchi has gone to temple. Rekha asks did she take laddoo, I m just asking. Pinky tells about a sweet relation. Bhagwati asks what type and gives her many examples. Pinky says like Surekha and Govind. Surekha says you will get earrings for this word. They all laugh.

Bhagwati asks how does Surekha and Govind know heart things without talking. Surekha says you and Keshav will know it soon, husband and wife have link between them, and gives examples. Rekha says her relation with food is such. They smile. Govin comes and smiles seeing Surekha. They all tease Surekha and laugh. Titu looks for Panchi. He says he has to go for shoot. Golu tells him that taking wife out is imp. Titu thanks him for the idea and says he will take Panchi out for a movie, as she is filmy.

Govind tells Surekha that he does not like this dish. She argues and everyone look on smiling.

Update Credit to: Amena

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