Tu Mera Hero 1st October 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Bhagwati seeing Surekha coming and talking to Panchi. They act infront of Surekha and tell about 4am dream. Bhagwati asks what did she see in dream. Panchi says she has seen Govind married to Hema. Surekha is shocked. Bhagwati says this can’t happen, forget this. Panchi says I like Hema, she is modern. Bhagwati says yes, we can have fun with her, she will look as our friend. Panchi says leave it, we will make breakfast, Surekha will come and scold. Surekha thinks this will happen after I die, its good bahus are making their mind.

The family sits to have breakfast. Dimple gives Dalya and says Hema has sent it. They all praise Hema’s cooking skills. Sonam comes there. Dimple says she has got this for everyone. The family likes the cool neighbors. Titu says change

is good. Govind says I will taste as Hema made it. Surekha gets jealous as Govind praises the Dalya. Dimple says she wants to keep puja in their house, as their house is small. Govind agrees and permits them. Panchi asks Sonal to go home and complete her beauty sleep, they will come for Hema and Dimple. Sonam says Hema also kept the fast. Bhagwati asks what. Dimple signs Titu and they leave. Govind coughs. Surekha thinks Hema kept fast for Govind, its good, family will have peace. Panchi signs Titu and smiles.

Rekha is annoyed as Vaishaili is not taking care of her. Titu and Vaishaili come there and tease her by food excuse. Rekha acts like being very ill. Vaishaili asks her to eat to get energy. Rekha says fine, I will eat and does dra.a Titu shows the food, which are just salad and chana. Rekha gets worried seeing the karela juice. They feed Rekha. Rekha says save me. Titu laughs.

Hema talks to the bahus and tells about trying classy colors. Surekha thinks her bahus will not agree. Panchi and Bhagwati agree to Hema and stun Surekha. Bhagwati tells Panchi that her dream can get true, they should get habitual. Vaishaili gives juice to Hema and Hema refuses. Govind brings a rose and signs Hema about choosing the saree. Surekha sees this and gets shocked. Govind leaves. They all smile fooling Surekha.

Rekha says I wanted my bahus to care for me, and I m dying hungry. Bhagwati says you will run now and brings a fitness machine. Pari says you got heart attack, now you can lose weight in 10 days. Rekha asks Bhagwati to make Pari quiet and scolds Pari. Bhagwati smiles and asks Rekha to workout. Rekha cycles and says she will get heart attack. Bhagwati says nothing will happen, Pari will take care of you. Rekha says Lord save me. Pari asks her to say truth. Rekha says what, I will see you.

Surekha says I have seen Hema and Govind, were they signing each other, what did I see. Govind comes singing and looks very cheerful about Hema. Govind takes bangles. She says did he go to give bangles to Hema. Its night, they all sit in the jagran. They all give imp to Hema and talk to her. Surekha looks on. The puja and jagran ends. Hema and family takes selfie and smile. Panchi tells Bhagwati that this dream will be fulfilled, fate is bringing them close. Bhagwati says what can we do. Surekha says I won’t let this happen, Hema can’t snatch my husband. She sees Govind making Hema wear the bangles and stops him, saying its her bangles, what is he doing, she is alive.

Hema says you told me to take your place. Surekha says yes, but I m saying now, be away from my husband. Govind says I m just gifting Hema, she kept fast. Surekha says stop it, do this after I die. She says she can’t accept anyone to make her away, a dream can’t make them apart. Everyone smile. Panchi says we wanted to explain this to you, dream is like what we think. They all laugh. Titu says we all did this acting, Govind and you are not going anywhere, we heard you talking to Hema, and realized this is wrong. Surekha hugs Govind. They clap for them.

Titu is somewhere out. A man asks him not to tell what he has seen. Titu says he did not see and hear anything. Panchi warns Titu of helping others.

Update Credit to: Amena

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