Tu Mera Hero 1st July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu saying he will not sit at shop, as he will go to shop to work hard. They all get happy. Govind says he is my son, our business got the real owner now. Keshav feels bad and leaves. Bhagwati goes after him. Govind asks them to come. Panchi comes to Surekha and finds her sad. She talks to her and asks her will she be happy without the family, she can’t be happy with Titu’s mum and dad, and says they are imp to her. She asks her to go to Titu and shower love. She says she is sad and Titu is also sad there, and asks her to come. Govind says no need for this and shows her Titu. He signs Panchi and they turn.

Titu stays sad. Surekha asks him to come and hug her. Titu hugs her. Panchi hugs them and they smile. Rekha gets glad seeing the laddoos. Vaishaili comes and says

she can see laddoos, and not see the days that they can come on road. Rekha says no, Keshav and Mukund will rule even if Titu and Panchi are here. Vaishaili taunts her for being so foolish and not being at one place.

Manorama calls Rekha and says she missed her, Titu has changed so there is nothing spicy news, so she has gone Mumbai with her family. Rekha says her only friend is going. Manorama says she will call her Mumbai too. Rekha says no one can stop me from eating the laddoos and eats it happily. Golu says why did Panchi call me here. Panchi comes to him and says she has come to tell him about Cheeni, he is Brahmachari and till when will she stay at her dad’s home, so I m thinking to get Cheeni married. He says he became brahmachari for you and Titu. She says yes, but you are still such.

He says send her to my room. She says no, she can’t stay like that. He says he is now… Titu comes with Cheeni. Golu says he is not brahmachari now. They smile.

Titu teases Golu. Golu says he will marry Cheeni and they laugh. Panchi and Titu agree. Golu hugs Titu and Panchi hugs Cheeni. Its night, Panchi gets ready in her room and smiles, recalling the wedding night. She recalls Titu’s words and says its new start of our love. She waits for him and decorated the room by candles, lights and flowers. Titu comes there in filmi style and brings roses for her. She smiles.

Titu comes to her and she hugs him. Sun saathiya mahiya barsatein…………plays………… They have a romantic dance and he gets close to her. It all turns out to be Panchi’s imagination and she smiles. She says where are you Titu. Titu comes with many work files. Govind calls Keshav and says we all want that Titu works, the day has come, we all have to help him, Titu is ready to work, when he works, he will take care of business and help me and you, don’t feel bad of anything. Keshav says nothing like that. Govind asks him to go and sleep. He asks who has the keys of the safe. Keshav gives the keys and leaves.

Keshav comes to his room and tells Bhagwati that Govind calls him son, and does not trust him, he took the keys, maybe he thinks I look thief to him. Bhagwati worries. Panchi asks so many files. Titu says he has work for the shop, he has to know things about the shop. She says yes, but he can understand slowly, why everything today. He drinks water and says he has to work hard. She says she will get tea for him. He says her love is enough, but he needs tea too. She goes and smiles seeing him work.

She brings two tea and says she will also sit awake with him. He says its his work, he will go and asks her to sleep. She holds his hand and says we are partners for happiness and pain. He sits and reads files all night, and she helps him. He likes the tea. She falls asleep and he kisses her. He makes her sleep well and sits working. He smiles seeing her innocent look. Its morning, Surekha makes water fall on Govind, and he thinks its Titu. She says Titu has changed, its first day at shop, you also get ready, else you will get late. Govind says he is proud and goes. She laughs happily.

Titu eats food and says he will leave now. Panchi says she forgot to add sugar, and Titu did not notice this big difference, he has eaten sugarless halwa and went.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. First

  2. Nice epi

  3. aahhhh/working hard ..//.titu great job

  4. Wow titu!!! U have really changed!! Atlast titu is going to work!!! Hurray!!! U made it panchi…

    But when will they know abt the stick;!! This vaishali is irritating!!!

  5. sterday & today episode was really superb…..

  6. sterday & today episode was really superb….. panchi acting is really superb,…

  7. sterday & today episode was really superb….. panchi acting is really superb,…dnt feel kesav..

  8. Sachin Manchanda

    Panchi is gorgeous

  9. Yesterday episode was superb

  10. Yes its a very happy news that titu has started working but in all these tensions he will not use his sense of humour like before so panchhi it is now your duty to find out the stick that eshaan gave titu and convince everyone at home and make titu a poet …

  11. We will miss the nikhattu humourus titu….Titu has a fear in his mind that if he will not work or complain about something than panchhi will go back so that’s why he didn’t tell anything about sugar to panchhi….She has to understand that titu’s happiness does not lie in working at shop..His happiness lies in becoming a poet and make everyone laugh including the dead ones also

  12. Thanks for the update Amena..I wish that panchhi khows soon about titu’s capability…

  13. Wow titu……. Finally titu is going to work, i am very happy

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