Tu Mera Hero 1st August 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Titu and Panchi dancing on the song Pehli Baar mohabbat ki hai………….. He gifts her a dress and asks her to wear it. She nods and goes to change. Panchi comes wearing the dress, and he gets stunned seeing her. He smiles and signs he got struck by her. She laughs. He compliments her and holds her hand. She says she won’t let him drink wine. He smiles and shows cold drink bottle. They laugh.

She says there is no word to describe how she is feeling right now, this day is memorable, don’t know when they will be together again. He says we will always be together in each other’s heart, you are my inspiration, trust, strength, wife and everything. He asks her to smile. They kiss.

Its morning, Bhagwati asks Keshav is he sure everything will be fine. Keshav

says yes, I will give money to Mishra ji later and first invest this money to get profit, and prove to Govind that I m talented. She says fine. Vaishaili does Titu’s bad sight off and he thanks her. Surekha jokes on Vaishaili. They all joke on women’s different natures.

Pratibha joins them and wishes Titu all the best. She asks him to do something that people know his parents by his name. He says no parents can be known by children, but I assure to make them very happy. Golu and Cheeni come with bouquet and wishes Titu all the best.

Titu asks Golu to take care of Panchi and Surekha. Golu promises, but can’t assure to take care of Govind. Titu laughs and goes. Keshav asks Govind to check accounts. Govind thinks why did Titu not come. He sees Titu coming, and tells Keshav that something is troubling him, don’t tell this to Titu, Surekha wants to make some people have food at the temple, but she got busy. Titu hears this. Govind says he feels her wish will be incomplete, and wishes someone to fulfill her wish. Titu smiles and goes.

Govind thinks Titu will have tough thing today, but he is doing this to save Titu from future trouble. Surekha and Panchi pack Titu’s bag. They joke on Rekha eating the bhajiyas. Rekha says she will not eat for Titu’s sake. Panchi says we will have food and then go station, where is Titu. She asks Keshav did she see Titu. Golu comes and says Titu went to mountain temple, he tried calling you, but phone battery went, so he has sent me to tell you. Surekha says its far, he will come late.

Golu says he said he has to fulfill Surekha’s wish of Rajbhog kept there, you wanted to make him have Prasad from it. She says I did not say this, who told him. Panchi says we should not let late, come. Surekha leaves. Golu says did she go to stop Titu.

Titu and Surekha are going to temple. Surekha says she won’t let Govind succeed. Govind says Titu will come back. Panchi asks him not to lie. He says when you get a son, then tell me will you do what I m doing or not. He says Titu can’t get train today. Panchi calls Surekha. Titu runs towards the temple and says just some time, I will eat that Prasad by your hands mum. Titu’s kerchief falls there and Surekha sees it.

She says it means Titu is nearby and calls out. She goes to pick it and a truck hits her. Panchi calls her and asks where is she. Surekha’s phone falls. The truck driver sees her, and runs from there. Titu is still running towards the temple. Panchi asks Surekha to tell something. Govind asks Surekha to come back. He hears her voice strange. Titu gets restless and stops. Govind says Surekha is acting like she is dying and taking Titu’s name. Titu reaches the temple. Surekha calls out Titu…. He stops and says why is he feeling so strange and restless as if he has left something behind, and prays to Lord.

Titu comes back from temple and gets shocked seeing Surekha wounded and fallen on the road. He cries and asks her to open eyes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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