Tu Mera Hero 1st April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Govind scolding Mukund and Rekha worries. Govind gets angry and gets something. He marks the line on the floor and Titu asks why is he teaching them now. Govind says Mukund many responsibilities come after marriage and marks a figure for him, his wife, family, home and kids. He asks him to read how much it is. Mukund says 10000. Govind says your salary should be this much, you should give me 10000rs every month. Mukund says 10000? Govind asks is it less, shall I increase a zero. Mukund says no, I have interview and I will get good job. Rekha says you won’t go for interview, this is your punishment now. You cheated everyone, find some job in Mathura, no need to go NJ.

Vaishaili cries and says Tau ji, please punish me too. Govind says Surekha and Rekha, you both decide

for her. Rekha asks Surekha to punish her, as she is elder. Surekha says till she does not make a place in everyone’s heart and proof herself to good bahu, she will not start her married life with Mukund. Mukund and Vaishaili is shocked. She agrees. Govind leaves taking the MC and pics. Bhagwati cries. Surekha asks Vaishaili to be away from Mukund. Vaishaili thinks its fine, she is saved today.

Bhagwati cries and goes to her room. She says she did a sin to cheat Govind and Surekha. Keshav comes to her and says she did not do mistake, she did it on his saying, don’t blame yourself. She says she is feeling guilty. She says I m unable to forgive myself, how will I apologize to them. Keshav says like I m apologizing to you. She asks what is he doing. He says she did this even when they were away and he liked her self esteem, and it became his pride and apologizes as her head bowed down because of him. She cries and hugs him.

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Mukund talks to Rekha. She says I told you not to do this, now bear the punishment. Mukund says he had planned this to go NJ. Rekha says Govind will kick him out. Titu looks on and hugs Mukund teasing him about marriage and blesses him and Vaishaili. Mukund curses Titu in heart. Chetan and his friends like the food. Manorama asks them to have more and serves them. She makes roti fall and drops the hotel bill.

She asks the man to see if it his imp paper. The man checks and says its not imp paper. Chetan says show me. Chetan sees the bill and is stunned knowing Rachna did not cook food. He looks at Rachna and she bows down. Manorama says Rachna is not well, so we ordered food. The man says we would have come later if he told this. Panchi places the Idol back and prays. Pinky asks did you see what happened in our house today. She says Bhagwati respects them a lot, someone has pressurized him. Govind is upset that the upbringing did not go right, as they have lied. Bhagwati says no, I did not keep the values.

She cries and apologizes to him. Govind says when he went to her village for some work, she was teaching few kids under the tree, that don’t fail at two times in life, when you have to say truth and when to admit your mistake. He says then he decides that she will become Keshav’s bride, with good values. He says I always stood with you and had pride to choose you, even then I feel I was wrong, my trust broke. He cries and says he got old now and no one respects him. Bhagwati holds his feet and says she is still the same, she is also a wife and mum, she can’t think of cheating him.

She says she respects him a lot. She says about Keshav trusting her and she did this on his saying, but she was guilty to cheat him. Panchi tells Pinky not to worry and think positive, they got the idol back and everyone is happy. She says everyone did not have food. Pinky says you too. Panchi says I m hungry. Pinky says she will serve everyone food, an then she has to teach Titu. Panchi says I will going to do mum’s packing as they got idol back, and she wants to visit temple to thank and apologize to Lord. Bhagwati says she regards him her father and cries. Govind says such bahu is pride and he can’t blame her. She says I assure I will not let your trust break again, forgive me. He blesses her.

Titu says he wants a good teacher and Panchi falls on him. They hav an eyelock.

Update Credit to: Amena

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