Tu Mera Hero 19th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Surekha being annoyed. Govind asks Surekha to have laddoo. He slips and makes Hema eat the laddoo. They all get shocked. Hema acts friendly with Govind. Hema asks him to have ginger tea. She asks Bhagwati to get tea for her also. Surekha gets angry. Titu and Panchi see Surekha taking Govind’s class and smile. Govind says I did not do anything intentionally. Surekha gets annoyed.

Panchi, Bhagwati and Vaishavi ask Surekha not to doubt on Govind, as all the men of this house are trust worthy. Surekha says she has full doubt on Govind. She calls out Rekha asking her to come with her to make garlands for temple. Rekha and Surekha sit to make flower garlands. Rekha says my life does not have anything, you can’t understand a widow’s life. Rekha says widow can’t

live life fully.

Hema comes and wears modern dress. Rekha asks do you have kid also, I can’t say this seeing you and laughs. Hema gets glad and says she maintains weight. Hema asks for the new sweeptstick. Rekha says she will get it from Surekha’s room. Surekha coughs and signs no to Rekha. Hema says you take care of Surekha, she is coughing, I will go and get it from Govind’s room. Rekha apologizes to Surekha for this mistake. Rekha asks is Govind there in room. Surekha says yes and runs to see.

She goes to room and says Hema did not get the room and laughs. Govind asks did Hema come. Surekha sends Govind to bathroom before Hema comes and gives the sweepstick to her. Govind knocks the door and Surekha asks her to go fast. Panchi and Vaishaili also come there and asks how is the sound coming. Panchi opens the door and sees Govind knocking. Hema laughs seeing Govind and reminds the old moment. Surekha gets angry.

Hema asks Govind to help her in arranging home. Govind says I will just come. Panchi says Govind has to go to shop, we will send Keshav and Titu. Surekha says even they have work. Panchi says they can go. Bhagwati says its our duty to help neighbors. Vaishaili asks Surekha to come, as they have to tell the reporters about their husbands. Surekha refuses. Bhagwati tells about Keshav and how sweet he is.

Keshav sees a pretty girl, Hema’s daughter and she asks for his help. Panchi tells about Titu and all positive things about him. Neha’s other daughter calls Titu for help. Panchi says Titu does good acting, but not romantic. The girl asks him to help her. The reporter says its amazing that there are such husbands in today’s times. Rekha says fire caught and they all rush to blow it off. They go to Hema’s home and sees Keshav and Titu with the girls. Keshav and Titu get shocked seeing Bhagwati and Panchi there.

Hema comes and says these are my kids, and says this is my bahu Dimple and my daughter Sonam and another one Pari. Panchi asks Titu to come with her, they have to do arrangements. Titu says yes. Hema says we will come tomorrow in the function, Titu and Keshav have helped a lot. Hema asks the girls to go and get freshen up. Titu and Keshav wave to them. Bhagwati and Panchi stare at them.

Panchi tells Surekha that Sonam is after Titu. Titu says he will clear his name. The ladies say we will see.

Update Credit to: Amena

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