Tu Mera Hero 19th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Panchi and Titu getting ready. Cheeni says Titu will be bowled over seeing her today. Titu gets ready as Gulgule and wears sehra. Golu calls Gulgule on the stage and everyone ask where is he. Golu asks them to wait. Mukund asks where is Gulgule. Golu says how will I know. Mukund says announce that Gulgule is not coming, so Rajni is the winner. Golu says no way and asks Gulgule to come on stage. Rajni thinks of meeting the talented man. Mukund is about to announce Rajni the winner and Titu comes there as Gulgule. Everyone clap for him. Golu says Gulgule has taken groom type entry and won our heart.

Golu says we will start the Jugalbandi round and Rajni will say girls are better and Gulgule will say how men are better, they will keep their opinion, the rules are if any

poet get stuck, then he will lose. Mukund thinks how did Gulgule get saved. Titu thinks to read poetry in Gulgule’s voice. Everyone like the poetry by Gulgule. The jugalbandi goes on. Vaishaili thinks where is Titu. Rajni sees someone else’s face behind the sehra and says its great. Vaishaili sees Titu’s red thread on his hand which Surekha has tied and understands its Titu in Gulgule’s place on the stage, and says where is Gulgule.

Gulgule laughs in sleep and wakes up. He sees the time and says Rajni has won. He runs. Panchi prays to Lord. Rajni gets stuck in making the lines and Titu asks her to say ahead. Manorama and Golu get glad. Golu starts counting. Panchi wishes to Lord that Titu takes her home today and he succeeds. Gulgule wins the jugalbandi. Gulgule comes there and his men say he has won. He dances with them.

Titu is still on the stage as Gulgule. He says bring Titu, else they will see he is not Gulgule. Mukund tells Vaishaili that he does not know how did the man save Gulgule, he is very smart. Vaishaili says leave Rajni and the contest, how did you not know the man. She says the man who is helping Gulgule is our Titu. He says what and gets shocked. Rajni thinks to catch the man. Gulgule takes his sherwani from Titu and leaves. Titu turns and tells Gulgule to pay him money soon, he will see smile on Panchi’s face, he is giving him 15000rs for his poetry, he will free Panchi by this, don’t do late, I m already late, Panchi will be waiting. He turns and sees Rajni.

Golu says he wants to call Gulgule on stage so that Ehsaan declares him the winner. Ehsaan thinks Rajni did not get the real winner. Rajni tells Titu that Gulgule is taking the credit. Titu says so what. Rajni says he deserves the trophy. Titu says Gulgule is happy with his win, and I want money to free my wife. She asks him not to let the big chance go off his hand, its big talent that he is writing poetry. She asks him to come with her to Mumbai, he can earn money and respect. He thinks.

Gulgule says he does not know Titu and scolds him. Titu is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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