Tu Mera Hero 19th February 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Mukund showing his room to Vaishali and says they will be spending day and nights in this room after marriage. She asks where are everyone. He asks did you not like the room, everyone went out of Mathura. She asks when will we get married. He says he will talk to Govind when he comes back. Rekha sees Govind making Surekha have the sweets and says she will have the sweets if Surekha does not want it. Surekha says what. Rekha says you have it, he is making you eat it by love. Rekha says what should I do now, and says she is getting dizzy, give me some sweets. Govind says lets give it to her. Surekha says don’t faint, take this.

Rekha gets glad and opens the choc. It falls down the window. Panchi coughs and Titu throws the water bottle. She thinks what to do as he

is not sitting along. Titu sits eating snacks. She says she is hungry and Titu thinks what to do to pass the food to her. He shows the apple and throws it to her. The bus stops and she thinks to sit near Titu soon. More people sit on the roof and Tiotu gets more far from her. Titu rests on the bags and then bags fall down the bus.

The bus reaches the stop and everyone get down. Rachna asks Panchi to stop staring at Titu and wake him up. Panchi says I will come. She thinks Titu looks cute sleeping and takes a selfie with him. Titu wakes up and asks did we reach. She says yes, everyone went, we should also get down now. Chetan says the bags is not here, how can it fall. Titu gives some reasoning. Surekha says but bag will not jump down, it was not kept well. Manorama says don’t blame my son, he is deputy collector and he is very responsible. Surekha argues and defends Titu.

Govind says its enough. Arvind asks Manorama to be quiet. Surekha says some people are born to say bad about others. Manorama argues. Titu says have some peace, it does not matter whose mistake it was, see the good in bad, and tells an example. Govind asks Panchi and Rachna to go with Chetan and Titu and do shopping of clothes, as they lost the bags. Titu says he is tired as they did travelling. Manorama says see my son, he will go to market if I tell him.

Surekha says even my son will go with Panchi. Manorama asks Chetan to buy less clothes. Surekha gives money to Titu and says buy everything on which Panchi keeps her finger, my bahu should look the best. Rekha thinks how to show Panchi the true face of Titu.

Bhagwati teaches maths to Sundar and Keshav asks what are you teaching, its all wrong, and asks Sundar to come to him. She smiles seeing Keshav teaching Sundar. Sundar says I will study well and goes. Bhagwati says he showed her mistake, so he should get a prize. He asks what. She shows film tickets, and asks will he come. He says I corrected the mistake, it does not man you trap make in this. He leaves. She gets sad.

Govind reads a book and says Titu you get very less marks, what will you know this, why did you not go to market with Panchi. Titu says Golu went to get rickshaw, we will go. Golu brings the rickshaw. Surekha makes Titu drink water and makes Titu sit. Rekha acts like talking to Bhagwati and tells Surekha that Bhagwati is saying I should get some sarees for her. Surekha asks did she agree happily. Rekha says my bahu asked me for first time, shall I go with children.

Govind says you go, its not a big thing. Rekha thinks she will tell Panchi everything. Surekha thinks why is she going. They all leace for market. Surekha and Manorama still argue on the way and Govind calms them. He says we are from Mathura and talks to the auto driver. He ask for some place where they can stay. The man says I think you all came to wrong place. Govind says no, we are resident of Mathura. The man says about the hotel collapsing. Manorama asks is he fortune teller and asks him to see her hand.

Rekha comes along the couples for shopping. Titu walks and says it would have been good if auto took them inside the shop. Panchi laughs. Rekha thinks she is fool to think its his joke. Rekha says see this shop, the sarees are good here. Rachna says lets go ahead, we don’t like it. Titu thinks how to go more ahead and says stop, wear the clothes according to place. He gives a explanation and says we should have come change in life. Rachna sees the sale and asks her to buy clothes here, and she will go ahead.

Panchi goes. Chetan asks Rachna is she doing this because of mum. Rachna says no, I have many clothes at home. Titu rests in shop and Panchi sees some dresses. Rekha thinks Titu is resting and this Panchi is not seeing this. Panchi looks at Titu.

Titu gives extra money and the man asks him to bring change. Rekha thinks Titu will refuse and then his laziness will be exposed.

Update Credit to: Amena

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