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The Episode starts with Panchi asking Titu why did he come out. Titu says I was feeling restless. They see Keshav and Bhagwati. He asks Keshav why did he come. Keshav says I was feeling restless and came here. Mukund and Vaishaili come and say we too. Govind and Surekha come and says how will they get sleep, if brothers are worried about each other. He says parents want to see such sweet bond between children likes ours, we gave them good values, we all will sit here and sleep too. He asks Mukund to get mattresses and asks Panchi to get tea. Rekha asks her to get some snacks. They all laugh.

Jatin talks to some friends and says I will do wonders, see my show tomorrow. He gets many calls and is happy. He asks his assistant to have full security and not let Titu come inside. Vaishaili says

Jatin is clever, he will not let us come inside, he has seen all of us. Titu says he has to pay for taking our credit. He says he made fun of your acting, we will show him our talent. They smile. Its morning, Golu talks to Jatin’s assistant Tappi. Panchi and Vaishaili hear them. The man praises Jatin and tells details of the show. He says band people will come till 2pm. Golu smiles. Panchi says so we know what to do.

Everyone see the news about Jatin. Surekha blesses everyone. Titu asks Keshav not to worry, as Mukund will get Sundar. Sundar hugs Rekha. Rekha asks him to come home soon, else she will scold him. Sundar says yes, Mukund will bring me. Surekha asks Bhagwati not to worry. The elders bless the children. Govind says I m proud of my sons and asks them to give their best and leave on Lord.

Titu asks everyone are they ready. They say yes. Titu says it means everything will be fine today. They see Jatin lying on tv. Titu says thanks Jatin, for calling Mumbai on your name and getting your band played, everyone will know my talent. Rakesh says he is Sundar’s uncle and Keshav hates him. The panchayat hears both parties. Mukund defends Keshav. He says Keshav loves Sundar a lot. Rakesh says its lie. Sundar says you are lying, you are bad uncle, my Papa loves me a lot, I will not go anywhere.

Rakesh says see what they are teaching the kid to hate his uncle, I agree that Keshav loves Sundar, but he is not physically fit, what will he support Sundar. Bhagwati says enough, my husband is not handicapped, he is not dependant on anyone, he is strong and walks with everyone’s burden. She cries. The band comes for Jatin’s show. Panchi and Vaishaili welcome them, and make them have food. They say so nice and thank them. Panchi smiles.

Bhagwati asks Mukund to do anything. Rakesh says truth is bitter. Mukund says I agree Keshav can’t support Sundar physically. Tappi asks guards not to leave anyone without checking. Titu, Panchi, Vaishaili, Govind, Rekha and Surekha come there dressed as the band players. Tappi stops them. They say they are the band people. Tappi says I m sorry and feels they are strange. Panchi says its so hot here, tan by hot weather. Tappi says fine, come and prepare for the show.

Bhagwati asks Mukund what is he saying, and cries. Keshav gets sad. The panchayat says he has decided, Rakesh and his family are better for Sundar’s future, and we give Sundar to him. Bhagwati and Sundar cry. Rakesh thanks them. They ask Bhagwati to meet Sundar sometimes. Rakesh takes Sundar. Bhagwati says no and requests panchayat to stop Sundar. Keshav sees Sundar crying. Rakesh plays with Sundar and lifts him in air. Mukund says Rakesh, I won’t let you take Sundar. Mukund throws a fake snake on him and Rakesh throws Sundar. Keshav holds Sundar and they fall. Bhagwati asks did they get hurt.

Tappi tells Jatin that Titu did not come. Jatin says they won’t lose so easily, they will plan something. He gets a call and asks what, how did they look like. He beats Tappi and asks why did you allow music group, they were Titu and his family, stop them. Rakesh asks whats this, if kid got scared then.. Mukund says I m sorry, I used this fake snake to bring his truth out. He says you have everything infront of you, this physically fit man went to save his life and left Sundar, and Keshav is physically unfit and saved Sundar, risking himself. He says person is handicapped by heart and mind, its you, not Keshav. He asks panchayat to decide now. The panchayat says we have seen all this, its clear Rakesh is lagging behind, Keshav loves Sundar even when he has no blood relations with him, so we change our relation. Sundar and everyione get glad. Sundar hugs Mukund. Jatin tries finding Titu and does not get him. Titu says we will play now.

Surekha, Govind and Rekha stop Jatin, and say Titu is going on stage, as he is really talented like Mehmood.

Update Credit to: Amena

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