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The Episode starts with Govind asking Surekha why is he helping so much for the neighbor lady. Surekha says its duty to help neighbors, you have name and respect in Mathura, call the electrician. He says no one works on holiday. He says its good my son Titu changed for the good. She asks him to understand, she has met her neighbor lady and liked her a lot, she became friend, and has to keep friendship. He asks really, whats her name. Surekha does not say. He says you don’t know name, let her spend night in darkness, I will not call electrician. She says she won’t talk to him. She argues with him and convinces him.

Govind calls electrician and tells Mukund that Surekha is always doing social service, see how much fees electrician took. Titu tells Govind that all wives are same, Panchi

also troubles me. Govind says no, you got a good wife. Panchi and Vaishaili look on. Panchi says he did cheating, and love means fights too. Govind, Titu and Mukund clean the coriander. Titu says Panchi said if she loves me, she will punish me too, and asks Govind to say about it. Govind says first love is fun and tells how it feels like heaven.

Titu smiles and teases him. Govind tells about his first love, a lady Hema, whom he liked to see every day. He says the girl gave him letter that she is marrying. Titu asks did he become Devdas. Govind says I was very sad and has sung all the sad songs, my world was ruined. Surekha hears them and says she married Govind and it was like getting first love. Titu says I can understand it, everything looks good in first love. Panchi sayswe are very lucky, that our husbands are our first love.

Mukund says yes, Vaishaili taught me to love. Vaishaili says our fights got me and Mukund closer. They all talk about first love. Govind says Surekha came in my life and then my life became heaven, I got completed after I got her, then I did not ask anything from Lord. Titu smiles and asks him to think what to do tomorrow, as he has made promises with Surekha. Govind says its simple.

Govind wakes up and does not see Surekha. He closes eyes and says he has to see her face according to the condition. He looks for her everywhere and goes out. She teases him and runs. Rekha and Vaishaili come and smile seeing this. Rekha says Surekha’s conditions are making Govind dance. Surekha hides. Govind catches someone and opens eyes to see the neighbor lady. They get shocked seeing each other, as she was his first love.

He says Hema…… Surekha gets shocked. Hema smiles and says Govind. Govind asks how did she come here, after such a long time, he can’t believe she is infront of him. Vaishaili says we should go there. Hema says he has got electrician there and asks Surekha was she helping Hema, is she her friend.

Hema says she has come to get help from Surekha. Surekha is about to refuse. Govind says we are neighbors since childhood and is ready to help Hema. Govind says he will repair the taps and goes with Hema. Vaishaili asks Surekha to see, Govind has broken his two conditions in morning itself.

Titu and Panchi come and Surekha tells everything to them. Vaishaili asks where is Govind now. Govind comes in wet clothes and feels cold. They all look at him. Surekha asks what happened. Govind says the tap broke and all water fell on me. Titu smiles and stops Govind, asking him to fulfill Surekha’s third condition by making her have food by his hands. Pinky gets the laddoos. Govind asks Surekha to have it. Surekha is annoyed and refuses.

Govind asks Surekha to eat laddoo. He slips and makes Hema eat the laddoo. Everyone get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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