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The Episode starts with Surekha acting. Govind gets busy and Titu runs away. Govind and Surekha argue. Mukund and Rajni come to Eshaan and want to tell them about the cheater in Kavi Sammelan. She says she came to know about the cheater and they don’t have any proof. Ehsaan says he knows its Gulgule. Rajni asks how did he know. Ehsaan says he is a poet and knows Gulgule since years, the poetry he is reading in this contest is ahead of his talent and thinking, the poetry is of someone talented. He says Gulgule stays restless on the stage, it shows he is at fault. Mukund says yes, but we did not find the guy who is helping him, I was calling Gulgule and get him arrested.

Ehsaan says they can stop the show. Rajni says no, I have to win the show and compete with the talented guy, via Gulgule.

Ehsaan says he was sure of this. Surekha defends Titu and says Govind just trust hi once, listen to your heart, if Titu is really working and if he failed by your stopping, could you forgive yourself and meet Panchi’s eyes. She says Panchi has risked her life for this day. She convinces him and they have a laugh.

Gulgule drinks the juice and is angry, as he is worried. He waits for Titu and gets restless. He faints and Mukund gets glad. Titu looks for Gulgule and Gulgule’s men say they did not find Gulgule anywhere. Mukund asks everyone to sit in their seats. Golu, Titu and everyone think about Gulgule. Titu says its just few mins left, find him. They all try finding him everywhere. Titu thinks where did Gulgule go.

Surekha asks Bhagwati did she do all arrangements. Govind says take a breath. She says my son is bringing our bahu, I want to do everything for her, I m very happy. He gets happy and they laugh. Titu and Golu find Gulgule sleeping. Titu asks him to wake up. Gulgule’s men asks how did he know Gulgule is here. Titu says he has seen Gulgule’s belonging in Mukund’s hand and he understood. Manorama comes there and Titu hides.

Manorama talks to Gulgule and he falls on her. She says he is very naughty and asks him to move. She goes. They make Gulgule lie down. Pappu puts water on him. Gulgule does not get up. Titu asks him to wake up. Golu says Gulgule’s name is going to be announced. They say he will get disqualified. Golu says it means Titu will be out and Panchi will be in remand home. Titu recalls Panchi’s words.

Everyone ask Golu to call Gulgule. Mukund says he di8d not come, so we will declare Rajni as winner. Titu comes covering his face by sehra and acts as Gulgule.

Update Credit to: Amena

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