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The Episode starts with Panchi coming to Bhagwati. She sees the roti burning. Bhagwati says I did not see, I will make again. Titu asks Panchi to come. Panchi tells Titu and Mukund to find some solution, Bhagwati is very worried, I can’t see her like this. Titu says Keshav is also worried. Mukund says what can we do, we have less chances to win the case, Keshav and Sundar’s old relation is affecting their present. Titu asks her to use his idea and show Keshav’s intention. Mukund asks what idea? Titu asks him to come. Vaishaili says Golu is right, if Titu becomes successful, his family will be in highlight, I will not stop his plans, his fame is imp for me too, I will not tell my boss anything, I have to tell Titu that I know he is roaming as Mehmood ji.

Mukund hears this and asks what.

She says yes, he is doing this to bring Mumbai to Mathura. Rekha says Mehmood ji and asks Surekha to come fast and see this. Everyone come there and see the news. Rekha says Jatin is Mehmood ji. Jatin gives the interview and says he is Mehmood’s fan and he wants to make everyone smile, this is tribute to Mehmood. They all get shocked and call him a liar. The reporter says Jatin is back as Mehmood.

Mukund says Vaishaili you told me Titu is Mehmood, whats the matter. Titu and Panchi are shocked, and she says Vaishaili knows this. Vaishaili says actually….. The boss calls Vaishaili and Mukund puts it on speaker. The boss says I know you planned this with Jatin, come to office and get sweets for promotion. They all look at her. She gets tensed. Titu gets sad.

Rekha says Titu is acting as Mehmood, but why is Jatin lying. Govind asks Vaishaili why did she give Titu’s credit to Jatin, answer us. He says it means you cheated us. Vaishaili says trust me, I did not tell anything to Jatin. Panchi asks how did she tell on his own. Titu says he worked hard for this plan, Jatin got all the credit. Surekha says Vaishaili did this, she forgot not to do bad at home, why did she break Titu’s dreams. Vaishaili says trust me, I was finding that man on my boss’ saying. Mukund says you told Jatin. Vaishaili says I did not tell Jatin, he made this plan himself.

Mukund says we are not bad, you did not behave well with me after this job, I m ashamed to love you. She says she will tell everything. She says Jatin gave me greed to tell me name of that man and he will take me in his comedy show, I went to tell him Titu’s name, he insulted me and I decided I won’t tell him anything. Rekha says I think she is not lying this time, she is saying true. Vaishaili says yes, I learnt a lesson, trust me. Govind says its no use of this now. Vaishaili says I m ready to rectify my mistake. Mukund says get Titu the prize of his efforts. She asks how. Titu says make me reach inside Murli hall, its all Jatin’s security there, I will not lose so soon.

Vaishaili says he is very clever, he will double the security, this is impossible. Panchi says you will make this possible, we will work together. They all join hands. Vaishaili looks at them and join hands with them. They all smile. Jatin comes there and they all get shocked. Surekha stops Panchi. Jatin tells Titu that he is impressed, he did not expect this from small city guy, sorry Mumbai will come to Mathura for me, not you.

Titu says I m getting laugh, you said in Mumbai that people take appointment to meet you, you are here in my house without invitation, it means I became bigger star than you, you are afraid to lose to me. Jatin says I don’t lose. Vaishaili hides and looks on. Titu says you are using my plan, this cheating does not suit you, you are an artist too, I m thankful as your jealousy has made my plan, Mumbai will come to Mathura to see my talent.

Jatin says you did not leave dreaming. Vaishaili comes there and scolds him. Jatin says I will break dreams of you all. Titu says over confidence is bad. Jatin says we will see tomorrow. He leaves. Titu says our plan is set.

Its night, Titu and Panchi are unable to get sleep and sit talking. She encourages him. Mukund says the day is big for me, I hope Titu’s idea works for me. Vaishaili hugs him and says I m sorry, I know I have hurt you, I won’t do this again, I trust my husband, you will win Sundar’s case. Panchi says tomorrow is big day for everyone. Titu says I m worried for Sundar and our matter. Vaishaili says we have to make Titu reach Murli hall. Mukund says I have to return Sundar to Keshav.

Golu and Panchi try to ask Jatin’s assistant about their crew. Vaishaili signs Panchi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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