Tu Mera Hero 18th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Rekha asking Surekha not to think anything now and forgive Panchi. Vaishaili says no, forgiving is not easy when anyone hurts heart, Panchi might be happy thinking Titu is working, but he is worried there, why does she not understand. Surekha says I just want my son to be happy, I know Rekha that Panchi loves Titu a lot and wants his good, but she is not understanding whats right and wrong for him. Vaishaili asks her to explain Panchi. Govind comes and asks what explaining, what talk is going on.

Rekha asks Surekha not to worry, she will take care of cooking and goes with Vaishaili. Govind asks Surekha is she annoyed. Surekha says no, we want good for Titu, and thinking is different. He asks with Panchi? She says no. He says fine, then make ginger tea for me. She says

fine and goes. He says listen, you are looking more beautiful than Hema Malini today. She leaves.

Mukund talks on phone and says he is lawyer and want fees. Vaishaili comes to him and says she convinced Surekha. He says I m worried to earn 10000rs, why are you happy. She asks him not to worry, Titu’s shop will close and your condition to earn 10000rs will also get waived. He smiles. Govind gets more items for shop and asks Titu to get it tomorrow.

Panchi sees Titu and smiles. She imagines Titu working at shop. Sawariya…………..plays…………… He gets tired and she runs to him. Titu smiles seeing the items and thinks he will make others work at the shop and rest. Nikhattu…………plays…………… Surekha asks him to have food. He says it was dream, no…… Panchi asks does he want something else. He gets annoyed and tells Surekha that dad wants to make me work, tell him not to be after me. Surekha says don’t worry, I m always with you. He says I wish you become my mum in every birth and then I don’t need anyone, my mum is strongest. She smiles and thinks this time she got weak and does not understand how to save him, and how to explain Panchi that everyone is not born to work.

She asks him is there anything that Panchi can’t do. He says she can do anything, she is just perfect. She says no, everyone has some weakness. She says Panchi is best. She thinks she lies a lot, we will do one thing, I will ask you questions and you give number from 10. She asks him to know which thing Panchi does improper way. Titu gives good numbers to her in everything. He says dad chose Sarvagunn Samparn bahu for your son. He leaves. She thinks she should have some weakness, how to know.

Vaishaili says you might have heard that an artist can say whats wrong in art, take this phone and number. Surekha smiles and calls Panchi’s mum. Vaishaili smiles. They come to meet Pratibha. Vaishaili says we wanted to take Panchi’s pics to surprise her by having collage on wall. Surekha sees her and asks why is she crying in this pic. Pratibha says this, actually….

Manorama shows necklace pics to Chetan and says Rachna like such things a lot. He says I can get promotion. Manorama says yes, Rachna see you can really this to show off to your friends. She leaves. Chetan looks at her. Titu talks to Golu and gets handcuffed. Panchi gets tea for Govind and asks about Surekha. He says she might be making Titu ready. Surekha comes to Titu and asks Titu not to worry, she got the idea to save him.

She asks him to go to shop. He says what, how can you send me to work. She says I got the solution. Govind says when I go to drop Titu, we can see him and then you check when you take food at lunch time. Surekha asks Titu to record everything. Titu says Panchi will come to give me food. Surekha says I have found solution. Panchi comes and asks what. Surekha says Titu is ready to leave for shop, and goes.

Titu gets ready. Panchi says I know you are annoyed, I could not see people’s superstation, sorry. She removes her anklet. He asks what is she doing. She says I decided I will not wear anklet till one month, I will wear the one you buy by your hard earned money. He smiles and says nothing is made by hard work. She says you can see that and smiles. He looks at her and they can get some cow’s sound.

A man brings a cow and Surekha asks Panchi to keep it. She thinks to see how Sarvagunn samparn is she.

Update Credit to: Amena

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