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The Episode starts with Fake Titu going to check for some clue in the room. Surekha wakes up. He thinks its not Juhi’s room and hides. He says before Juhi wakes up, he will make her faint. He takes chloroform. Panchi coughs and wakes up. She thinks where did Titu go, she will have lemon to get rid of headache. Rekha comes to the kitchen while sleep walking. Fake Titu holds Govind’s leg, which wakes Govind and Surekha. Govind asks what is Fake Titu doing here. Surekha defends Fake Titu.

Fake Titu thinks he got saved today and goes out to some other room. He sees Juhi sleeping. Rekha shouts that she has fallen down and he tensedly comes to Rekha. Everyone come to Rekha and say she is walking in sleep. Fake Titu murmurs. Rekha asks what is he murmuring and reminds him that she has given

him sweets. Fake Titu says I don’t like sweets. Panchi says you are joking, we all know you love sweets, Fake Titu says he has come hearing Rekha’s scream.

Rekha gets upset seeing the food fallen on the floor. Its morning, Surekha does the puja. Rekha says she missed the chaat. Govind comes and prays. Fake Titu drinks water and roams in balcony. Panchi sees him and waves hi. She gives him a flying kiss and he spits water on Govind. Govind shouts and scolds Fake Titu. Fake Titu says he did big mistake, I m gone. Govind scolds him. He says Fake Titu always does this, he always spits water on me. Fake Titu gets relieved and says I m sorry, its her mistake. Surekha defends Fake Titu again. She asks Fake Titu to keep quiet, they all know he is not doing this for first time. Fake Titu asks did I do this before. Govind says look at his acting, he is asking whether he did this before, then he will say he is not Titu and not my son.

Rekha says Titu and Panchi will have a son, Panchi is pregnant. Surekha laughs and asks how do you know. Rekha says she came in kitchen and said she wants something sour. Bhagwati congratulates Surekha. They all get glad. Govind is very happy too. Panchi comes and asks what happened, they all look happy. Surekha says yes, someone little is coming in our house. Panchi thinks Bhagwati is pregnant and congratulates her. She smiles and thinks to tell Titu.

Real Titu thinks what to do, he can’t sit here. The constable guards him. Titu plays with him to fool him by entertaining. He says he can play more and asks him to free his legs. The man comes and slaps constable for freeing Titu foolishly. He thinks Titu can run, he will ask hero and ask if work is done. He scolds the constable and leaves. Titu gets sad.
Fake Titu/Hero comes to Surekha and asks whats the matter. Hero answers the man’s call and the man puts it on speaker. Surekha says Titu has made her a mum, this happiness she experienced 25 years before. Titu hears her. Surekha says she wants to see Titu’s son, she wants to become a Dadi. She tells her dreams to have a grandchild. Titu hears this and smiles, thinking he is going to become a dad.

Titu falls down and gets up. He says I m going to become a mum and laughs happily. Hero jumps happily that he is going to become a father, and goes. Surekha says he is very excited. Panchi tells her mum about Bhagwati’s pregnancy. Hero hears her talking. Panchi says I decided baby names too. He says she feels Bhagwati is giving good news, when the family thinks its us, I will tell her, but if I tell her, she can hug me and cry, be happy and stay away, she will know it herself, I will ask Juhi about the secret she knows.

Govind asks Titu to dance and show. Titu dances so unwell. The family looks on puzzled.

Update Credit to: Amena

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