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The Episode starts with Govind stopping Titu. Titu says its not good to stop anyone going. Vaishaili thinks sorry Titu, your time has gone. Titu asks Govind to say whats the matter, he has to go for work. Govind asks him will he not pray to Lord. He says he has told her to pray before doing any work. Titu prays and Govind leaves. Titu prays and leaves. Vaishaili says now she has to follow him and see.

Rekha asks Pinky to wash some woolen clothes and talks to her. She argues and says she does not know to act sweet and taunts on Bhagwati, that her love is making her see this day, as her son is misbehaving on her face. Bhagwati hears her. She says Surekha has spoiled Titu, and Panchi is in jail today and Sundar is out of school, what will I see in this house more. Pinky says nothing will happen

to Sundar. Rekha says she feels pain for a child, she is bearing mistake of not going for polio for Keshav, I gave good values to my sons, they don’t misbehave. Bhagwati thinks to apply this method of ignoring Sundar, as Rekha suggested.

Vaishaili thinks why is Govind spying and following Titu. Titu and Golu go out and have a talk on the way. She says Govind can know Titu’s talent. Golu and Titu come to the bus stop and Govind thinks so he is really running. Golu asks Titu to get on his shoulder, he will take him. Titu jokes and sees Govind there. Bhagwati spends time with Keshav and gives him mango. Sundar comes to her and asks for mango. She recalls Rekha’s words and starts ignoring him. Sundar gets sad. Bhagwati asks him to take mango from the fridge and Rekha comes to take Sundar.

Govind brings Titu back home and scolds him. He says he was running from his responsibility, and he is asking me am I going somewhere. Surekha asks him what is he doing. Govind says he has ruined our name. Vaishaili smiles. Titu says he was not running, he can’t believe he is still doubting on me. Govind says yes, I have seen your doings, I m sure you are running away. Surekha defends him and says she has given the necklace to make new one for Panchi. He asks about ticket. Titu says its Golu’s ticket. Golu says forgive me, I can’t say. Titu asks him to see the time, its night ticket.

Govind asks where was he going. Golu says I will say. Titu says I can’t say, its secret. Govind shows him the mirror and says he feels he is a fool. Surekha holds her head. Titu says let me go, I have work. Govind sits at the door and says he will not let him go. Titu asks is this final. Govind says yes. Titu tries to convince him. Govind says no way. Titu talks to Surekha and says Vaishaili has done all this, she worries for me and made Govind doubt on me. Surekha says I will see her, but lets deal with your dad now. Golu says they are talking.

Titu says he has to go for work, does she feel he can cheat everyone. She says no, and she will help him in going out now. She asks him not to worry, she has given him birth and knows him very well, she will always support him. They hide and see Surekha going to convince Govind. She holds his hand and he gets angry. Vaishaili looks on. She asks what happened to him, he always doubts on her and her son, and scolds him. She starts shouting on him. Titu and Golu smile seeing her acting. Vaishaili says Titu has learnt acting from her. Surekha says she is Govind’s wife and he has to listen to her. Golu asks did she work in acting before. She says he always blames her. Govind asks me? She says yes, but I will not agree to this. She calls out to all Mathura ladies to decide. He says this will not help Titu, he will not move from here. She says she can’t see this and faints. He gets worried for her.

Mukund bumps into a waiter and knows about Gulgule. Gulgule’s men look for him everywhere and does not find him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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