Tu Mera Hero 17th July 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha stitching button to Govind’s kurta. He asks her to give work to Panchi, its age to retire, see how I have given work to Titu, you also do this with Panchi. She says yes, you said right, kids are growing and lessen parents’ burden. He says your son and bahu are sapoot. She says who are good parents, the one who make kids do what we want, or let them do what they wish. She turns and sees Govind is gone. She says he did not hear me, what will he understand, but one day he has to give free sky and wings.

Its morning, Titu sees Surekha and Panchi planning to trap Govind. He says Govind is very smart and wishes them all the best. He leaves. Surekha sees Rekha and shows Panchi. Surekha goes to her, and Rekha thinks its Vaishaili. Rekha eats tamarind and laughs seeing

Surekha. She says tamarind has asked me will I not eat it, and so I m eating it. Surekha shows a ring to Rekha. Rekha says I did not steal this ring, really, I don’t know you wear this ring in your hand right’s little finger. Surekha laughs and says but you can wear this too. Rekha says really, I can dance on camel’s back for this.

Surekha takes it back and says you have to do this work. Vaishaili tries to hear. Surekha tells in Rekha’s ears. Rekha says its risky. Sureha says this ring is pure gold. Rekha says fine. Vaishaili thinks Panchi has taken her greedy mum in law in this, I will break Panchi’s dreams. Golu calls Panchi and she goes signing Surekha. Vaishaili says she will call Govind and tell him everything. Bhagwati takes phone from Vaishaili.

Surekha comes to her and says everyone would know this now that Vaishaili hears everyone’s talk. She says this is old way, do something new. She says she can do anything when it comes to Titu, and scares Vaishaili. She explains her with love, asking her not to do this again. She asks Bhagwati to take care of Vaishaili. Rekha eats food and Sundar asks her to apply some ghee to his paratha. Rekha applies some. Sundar asks for more. Everyone come there. Sundar says Pro kabaddi league is coming and they all promote it. Titu comes home and jokes. They all laugh.

Govind checks accounts and Titu comes to him. Rekha and Surekha talk in high tone, and disturb Govind. Govind asks Titu to shut windows and doors. Titu says yes, they talk in high tone. Govind says if Panchi was at home, she would have managed them. Rekha and Surekha talk loudly. Govind asks Titu to give Rekha any laddoo to shut her mouth. Rekha tells about hema malini’s shooting and Govind hears this. Rekha and Surekha talk in low tone seeing Govind. He asks Rekha about hema malini. Surekha says Rekha did not say it and sends Rekha. Bhagwati and Pinky smile. Titu comes and asks Govind to come and show accounts. Panchi comes home and says she has to show something.

She says its for dad, and shows her and Hema’s pic. Govind is shocked and smiles, saying you took pic with Hema, when, where and how. Panchi says Hema ji has come here for shooting. Govind says but she met with an accident, how did she come so soon. Titu says she is fine now and she believes in work. She says she has come for an ad film. Everyone fool Govind. Surekha says she will not let Govind go to meet her. He asks why can’t I go. She says my wish and argues with him. Govind says when did I say I will go to meet Hema leaving my work. Titu says yes, big client is coming today. Vaishaili thinks why is Govind not understanding this trap, he shows he is smart. Govind says he will go for work. Surekha tells Titu to promise her that he will not let Govind go and meet Hema. Govind signs no to Titu.

Surekha asks Govind why can’t Titu go Mumbai. Govind shouts Titu can’t go, as I have seen such dreams years ago….. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. What abt precap?

  2. I can’t understand the precap.Did govind wanted to go to Mumbai to meet hema or became an actor?

  3. Finally every one came to know visual I.she is a dead duck in this epi:-) 🙂 🙂

  4. Finally everyone came to know of vishali

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