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The Episode starts with Panchi asking Surekha did she like food. Surekha says I m happy as everyone liked it. She gets Rachna’s call and says she will tell her. She thanks Govind and leaves. Govind asks Keshav to manage home and shop in his absence. Surekha asks Titu to have more sweets. Titu says my mind is already sharp, if I eat more almonds, my mind will run more fast. Govind taunts him saying he just eats and sleeps. Surekha praises Titu.

Govind asks her to make mirchi halwa for Titu and laughs. She says you are jealous of my son and asks Titu not to feel bad, they have to leave in some time. She says she will pack his bag and asks him to have food. Panchi ends call and says she will do packing. She sees Surekha doing Titu’s packing, she will call Titu. She goes to him and asks

him to do his packing.

Everyone is shocked. Titu says mum does always. Govind says you came from home where its just girls, you know a son is very much loved by mother, he was having food and sh went for packing, go and help her, l its good chance to bond with her. Panchi leaves. Govind scolds Titu and asks him to go and help in packing. Titu says how to help in thing in which I need someone’s help. He goes listening to more scolding.

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Mukund gets a call and talks to Vaishaili. He says he will be at her home after marriage, like king and queen. She says she has to see his home and ends call. Panchi helps Surekha in packing. Surekha says I will manage. Panchi does her packing. Surekha looks on. Panchi goes to get toothbrush. Surekha says I forgot the same and Panchi brings Titu’s brush and gives her.

She says you love Titu a lot right. Surekha says he is my life, my heart. She says she got him after 18 years. She says she got rid of the tag Baanch/infertile. She says he completed me. Panchi says I can understand it by your words, what he means to you, but I promise I will never come in between you and Titu. Surekha wipes her tears and smiles. She says the halwa was very good. They laugh. Panchi thanks her. Surekha asks her to do packing. Titu comes sitting on the chair and passes some humor lines. Surekha says my son can make a dead man laugh. Panchi laughs. Rekha looks on and thinks she will spoil their happiness.

They land in Shivgarh. Rachna, Chetan and his parents also come. Titu sits far. Surekha worries as he is sitting in sunlight. Govind asks her not to worry as Titu will not melt. Panchi smiles.

Rekha asks Govind to call home to ask is everything fine there. He gives her the phone. Titu is with his friends. Panchi comes to him and asks does he want something. Titu says no. She asks did he pack everything. He says yes. She thinks what to talk. Titu says when bus comes, get a seat for me. Golu says fine. Rekha says I can’t hear anything and sees Panchi. She comes to her and Panchi is lost in her dreams. She says Titu does not have sense, bahu is here and he is with Golu.

Panchi says he is with friend to give him company. Rekha says Titu does not like to travel in bus, and he likes sitting on roof, you can sit along. She asks her to show how to call. Panchi teaches her. Rekha says Titu got a jogan for himself. The bus conductor asks everyone to come. Surekha asks Chetan to take the bags. Govind takes Surekha. They all board the bus. Surekha and Govind sit. He says he forgot to get water and goes. Manorama says Panchi’s inlaws are miser. Chetan asks her to talk in low tine. Titu shows Golu to catch his seat. Panchi thinks she will stop Golu from taking window seat.

Panchi stops Golu and asks him to take coconut water for Titu, she will take seat for him. She blocks all window seats. Rachna talks to Panchi and Panchi tells her romantic plan of sitting on bus roof with Titu. Govind hears this. He recalls Titu’s laziness of not going in upper berth in train.

He asks Rekha where is his mobile. She gives him. He asks how will she sit on seat with bag and says he will keep it. She says she will eat the food. He takes it. He asks Panchi to keep it upside and Rachna and Chetan can also be with them. Chetan says there is no network here. Govind asks him to sit with Rachna. Chetan agrees as he will get good signal. He thinks Titu will not go on bus roof, but this food will take him.

Titu does not get window seat. Golu and Govind help him in climbing stairs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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