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The Episode starts with Panchi showing her face to Titu. He gets shocked and apologizes to Vaishaili. He goes to Panchi and asks her not to be annoyed. Vaishaili says strange mad man, she has to find TP now. The doctor asks Keshav to change his clothes, he will operation after 10mins. Bhagwati comes there and says why did he come here, and prays to Lord. She asks the nurse about Keshav and sees the file by his name. She takes the file and says he is my husband, let me see what happened to him. She gets shocked reading the file. She rushes to see him. She sees Keshav in the hospital patient’s clothes and is shocked.

Vaishaili comes back and sees TP’s sign in the register. The lady asks what is she doing and takes the register. Vaishaili asks who came here after I went. The lady says your

husband and sautan. Vaishaili says it means that man…. I was so close to him. The lady says marry someone else. Vaishaili says shut up and leaves. Titu, Panchi, Govind and Surekha have a laugh at home.

They laugh about Titu holding someone’s hand. Titu says Panchi is angry, she said she will not leave me. Vaishaili comes home. Titu asks from where is he coming. Vaishaili says from hell. He asks why, did you go to fix your room there. They laugh. Vaishaili says she will find Mehmood’s fan.

Sundar bumps into Vaishaili and she scolds him. Titu asks Sundar to come to him, and talks to him in the old man’s lingo. She gets shocked hearing him and realizes its Titu fooling her around. She recalls TP and says Titu and Panchi. She says it means I m trying to find Mehmood’s fan, that’s Titu. She comes to the room and laughs. Mukund and Rekha see her laughing and ask what happened. Vaishaili says Titu had fooled me. Rekha asks Mukund why is she laughing. He says she is not mad.

Vaishaili laughs. Rekha takes Mukund and runs. Vaishaili says I thought I m using Titu for my work, Titu was using me in his work, I m mad, I did not understand, its Titu the real artist in Mathura. She says he is a big artist, now I have got his secret, now even if you don’t become a star, I will become a star by saying this secret to Jatin. Its night, Bhagwati cries. Keshav says try to understand, I did this to keep Sundar along. She asks how can he do this, even she has right on him, how could he take this decision alone.

He asks would you let me do this if I told you. She says no, I have seen your wish to have your child, everyone will know you are a good father, you accepted Sundar, no need to prove anyone, I know when you have your own child, love for Sundar will not get less, don’t think to do this. She cries and hugs him. She says she is lucky to get him. He asks her to understand, he had no way to show he is good father for Sundar, there is no option, what shall I do.

Its morning, Vaishaili comes to meet Jatin. She hears his assistant and Jatin telling against her, that they are just using her. Jatin says we were waiting for you. She says she knows who is that Mehmood ji, but I won’t tell you, you think you are a big star, see the sky, many stars break and disappear, you should be ashamed, you were using me. He says relax, don’t be so emotional, I can give you a chance. She says I won’t come in this cheat, Mehmood ji is there, everyone will know him, he is solid, the world will see him by our channel, I will expose him, you can see him on tv, he is big threat for your stardom. He asks her to shut up, no one can snatch my stardom. She says everything will go, Mehmood’s fan will bring Mumbai here. She says Mathura will bring Mumbai here, and leaves. He recalls Titu’s words and understands its Titu.

He says Titu is the one behind this, I agree Mathura has talent, I will show you what Mumbai one can do. Vaishaili comes home and tells her boss that she knows who is Mehmood’s fan, she will meet with proofs. She says she will give proofs and expose Titu. Her boss says Vaishaili is giving big news to us, we will be on top. He sees someone and says you….

Golu stops Vaishaili and she thinks Titu is preparing for show. She asks him to go home. He is about to tell about Titu’s plan and stops. She asks what is it. He says you know, Titu is big artist, he will win some day. He says he is choosing good clothes and shows her. She gets an idea and smiles. She asks him to ask Cheeni.

Titu prepares for the show. Panchi says this line is not in the script. He says when you have made the promise to me, why will it be here, shall I remind you. Music plays……….. They romance and she gets shy. Govind comes dressed in a suit and says he is ready to do parade for Titu’s success. Titu and Panchi smile. Surekha comes there in her new look, as they are ready to be part of Titu’s stardom. Titu and Panchi get happy seeing Surekha is western clothes. Surekha gets shy. Panchi compliments her. They all get happy. Titu takes their blessings and thanks them for their support. He says he will not break their trust. Govind says we trust you, do your rehearsals and we will also learn to walk like models. Titu says he has done all the preparations and asks them not to worry. Govind and Surekha leave. Titu and Panchi smile.

Rekha sees something and asks Surekha to come fast and see this. She is shocked. Surekha comes and asks what happened. Everyone come and get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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