Tu Mera Hero 17th April 2015 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Surekha hearing Govind and Panchi. He says after our plan works, I will explain Surekha, I paid the man 10000rs more and even then he brought the snake, how. Panchi says I don’t know, its good our plan worked. Surekha cries. Rachna tells Chetan that Titu started working, and now Panchi can spend his earnings with pride. She says they can also be practical to live a lavish life and he is stunned. Keshav asks Bhagwati why did Sundar not go school.She says he is not well. He says make him sleep with Pinky, we can spend time. She says he will cry not seeing me, let him be here.

She thinks sorry to make reasons, but I m helpless, till you don’t accept Sundar, I will try my best to make him close to your heart. Vaishaili asks Surekha not to cry. Rekha asks what happened.

Vaishaili tells everything. Rekha says what, Panchi cheated Surekha, I did not expect this from her. Vaishaili says Panchi wants to make Titu busy in work that he does not have time for Surekha, she wants to break them.

She says she lied a lot, but always wants the family to be united. Rekha says Vaishaili is good bahu, she is lucky. Vaishaili says I think Panchi is acting to stay here, and showing fake love for Titu and made Govind in her words. Surekha thinks can Panchi really do this, is everything a show. Vaishaili says now Panchi will make excuses, don’t come in her words. Govind tells Panchi that he will go to shop and see what is Titu doing.

Panchi thinks to talk to Surekha once and goes. She sees Surekha crying. Panchi asks her to trust her that this has Titu’s good in this. Surekha gets angry. Panchi says when Titu starts working, he will be successful, and those who call him lazy, they will respect him and you will be happy for him, and proud of him.

She says Titu thinks life means rest, when he makes his identity, then you will be happy. Surekha says bahu and raises her hand. Vaishaili smiles seeing this. Panchi is shocked. Surekha touches her face and smiles. She says its fine, what she did and why, I understood everything, you want good for my son right, its not her selfish motive in this, she also wanted good for her son, she thought like a wife and I have thought as a mother, this is the big difference.

Panchi says I did not understand. Surekha says leave it and goes. Vaishaili looks on. Golu asks people to go, as shop will open tomorrow. Titu says I will go and asks Golu to shut it before dad comes. They stop seeing Govind. Govind asks where are they going. Titu says inside the shop. Govind asks him to sit in shop and scolds him. Titu asks Golu to get biscuits. Govind says top, this is for sale, not to eat.

He asks him to get Rs 10000 in his hand. He says your friends will help you and I will come and see. Govind leaves. Chetan says he is going office. Manorama tells Rachna wanted to go Australia and liked the place. Rachna says yes Chetan we should go with family. He gets annoyed and leaves. Manorama smiles. Titu tells Golu that snake came and went, he should have bitten me to get save from work. Golu says no, it should bite your enemy. Titu says don’t say such about my dad. Titu says don’t know what happened to Panchi, I will ask her, I don’t know, and calls out Surekha.

Sundar does homework. Bhagwati has flour on her hands and asks him to correct maths answers. Keshav comes and she asks him to help. He says I m tired, I will show tomorrow. She says he has to show in school tomorrow. He says fine and teaches Sundar. Sundar bites nails and Keshav asks him not to do so. Bhagwati smiles and hopes that Keshav also loves Sundar and accepts him as his son.

She says I will end kitchen work and come. Surekha cries talking to Lord and says she can’t believe it. Rekha and Vaishaili make her against Panchi and offer her a hand to help. Surekha looks on.

Panchi sees Titu at shop and smile. Sawariyan………….plays…………Titu gets tired and she runs to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Why is Bhagawati forcing her son sunder on to keshav? She can’t force him to accept him as a son. He married her only because he accepted her. She has to give him his own child if that is his wish. How can she be so selfish? She should be happy to be getting so much respect in her family. She can’t impose her son on the whole family. As it is everyone pamper sunder including Govindji. Let the lazy bum Titus learn a lesson and let Manorama and vaishali also learn a lesson the hard way.

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