Tu Mera Hero 16th September 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Panchi telling about the ghee applied on aarti plate. She says that’s the men has fell again and again, they can’t make pyramid now. The men apologize to Titu. Titu says its fine, you guys tried, come with me. Mewalal laughs as Titu left. Govind says my son can’t lose like this. Surekha asks Titu to come. Titu and his team come back and get some powder on their hands. They start making the pyramid and its tough competition. Titu and Mewalal reach the hadi handi. Mewalal falls down and Rekha and everyone laugh. Panchi asks Titu to break the matki. Titu breaks the dahi handi and is declared the winner. They all get happy.

Sharmili tells Ram that we won. They all dance happily and play the dhol. Mewalal gets angry. Rekha gives a speech and announces Titu as winner.

Everyone clap for Titu. Rekha gives the trophy to Titu. Titu talks to everyone. Mewalal tells the people that Rekha is not any Devi, she has fooled everyone, she just knows eating food and sweets, she can’t do anything. The man says what nonsense, she is Maiyya. Mewalal says I have got her here and made her Devi in everyone’s eyes, I did this planning against Ram. Rekha says he is right, I m not any Maiyya, I did mistake to play with their emotions, and apologizes to him.

The people get angry. Titu asks why are they changing their opinion in a day. They should see Rekha helped them in exposing Mewalal, and says they have made Rekha do this mistake. He says its good to trust, not blindly. He explains them not to have superstitions. Panchi asks them to believe Ram, he is honest sweetmaker since many years. Mewalal gets sad and says I was blind in my pride, I did not make people happy, I m sorry. Ram forgives him. Mewalal gives the trophy and says Titu deserves it. Titu talks to praise Ram and gives him the trophy. He says truth always wins. He says my dad asks me to fulfill promise fully and they all get glad. Everyone come home. Rekha sleeps and Vaishaili takes her pic. Vaishaili says she will show this pic to everyone and teases her. Govind asks Surekha to say what is the matter. Surekha says you forgot, I will not talk to you. He asks what is it, tell me once. Rekha scolds Vaishaili for teasing her. Govind asks Surekha to get convinced and asks Sundar not to tell anyone that Surekha is angry on him. He asks Surekha whats the matter and goes after her.

Panchi gets ready and talks to Titu. She says she is waiting for him and asks him to come. Titu comes there and says his meeting went well, he will come after 2 hours. She asks what. He teases her and asks her to turn. She goes to beat him. Titu and Panchi talk to everyone. Surekha asks whats the surprise. Rekha asks is he doing any ad again. Titu says this time its Titu’s surprise, the family will become stars. Vaishaili asks what does he mean.

Titu tells about Pappu. Mukund says he has a show on tv about a day with stars. Titu says yes, he wants to show me on his serial, but there is something. They all ask what and get glad. Titu says the camera will be at home, they want to show our ideal family and our life. They all get thinking. Titu says its solid idea. Golu brings a frame and says Agarwal family is ready to be seen on tv. They all get ready and smile. Golu says you all will get famous like Titu.

Panchi runs to Titu and hugs him. Music plays……….. She sees the camera fixed and stops…

Update Credit to: Amena

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